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Cheat Sheet: Five Things You Must Do To Get the Look of the Moment

Cheat Sheet: Five Things You Must Do To Get the Look of the Moment

This season, beauty is all about unleashing your playful side.

While 2015 saw a lot of nudes, and dewy skin and gloss were everywhere, it’s time to make a 360-degree turn to embrace 2016’s hottest beauty trends: Color, matte formulations, and highlighter. Metro’s Senior Beauty Editor and Editor-at-Large, Charmagne Garcia-Laconico, shares the five ultimate must-dos for an on point New Year’s beauty look:

Invest in skincare-infused products. Yes, as in foundation with moisturizer and serum. Charmagne notes that skin will still be in focus and this time around, the lighter the coverage, the better. “I feel that people will be embracing their freckles and imperfections more—since skin that breathes is in, everyone will be braver to go easy on the coverage.” Hit two birds with one stone using hardworking products that nourish your skin while providing enough coverage.

Highlight away—and all the way. “We saw a lot of dewy skin in 2015—it’s still okay now, but it’ll definitely be more about high-lit skin more than dewy skin,” she says. Looks like strobing is definitely here to stay, but don’t you worry, because this technique is definitely way easier to master than contouring [related: To Contour or To Strobe? We Lay Down their Pros and Cons So You Can Decide For Yourself]. Eyeshadow placement is also not just confined on the lids only, but is now rather more experimental. Metallic eyeshadow can be used to highlight even the sides of the eyes, the brow bone, or part of the temples.

Blur the lines. Perfect color application is a thing of the past, so go on, smudge and blur that eyeshadow or lipstick away. “Instead of super ayos na ayos na application, it’s now more acceptable for placement to not be too traditional,” adds Charmagne. Vagueness of makeup borders was a common element across many international runway shows, with smudged metallic shadow on the bottom lash lines and imperfect lip color at the forefront. Matte lipsticks also take the spotlight from glossy pouts.

Experiment with your brows. By now, probably everyone has mastered the techniques that will make their unique pair of brows on fleek. And since the fashion world is always ahead of the game, it took things up a notch by experimenting with eyebrows: Think really full, wide, and bushy brows, shares Charmagne. Some might find this too intense, especially those with small faces, but you’ll never really know if it’ll look good on you unless you have the courage to try.

Go crazy with color. As in. Just. Do. It. The carefree vibe of the early months of the year, going into summer, will fully embrace your bold and vibrant beauty waystrust us.


Are there other trends you're excited to know more about? Drop us a line in the comments section below!


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