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Illuminating Reads On Financial Literacy, The Digital Era, And Spiritual Faith To Delve Into

Illuminating Reads On Financial Literacy, The Digital Era, And Spiritual Faith To Delve Into

One of the few good things to come out from the COVID-19 pandemic is the myriad of media for people anywhere in the world to consume. From binge-worthy TV shows, groundbreaking films, helpful podcasts, life-saving music to stimulating art—you name it, and there’s surely a safe space somewhere to get a hold of that.

For some individuals though, the immense amount of leisure time the lockdowns have brought about have driven them to find pleasure in reviving old hobbies while simultaneously leaping into a novel area of interest. If you are one of those who have recently rediscovered your love for reading and has been deep down the rabbit holes of financial literacy, the digital revolution, or spirituality, here are some fresh reads from ABS-CBN Books that you should check out:

1. “Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” by Rose Fres Fausto

The second installment of finance guru Rose Fres Fausto’s financial intelligence quotient (FQ) book trilogy aims to shed light on the principles affecting money behaviors, arguing that one’s financial literacy isn’t enough to make better money decisions.

Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work,” which also offers a crash course on behavioral economics, is divided into three parts. Readers can identify themselves with the characters of Mak, who is ‘makatwiran’ (rational) and Emong, who uses emotions as basis for his financial decisions in the book’s third part ‘The Psychology of Money.’

The book also deciphers 16 principles that surprisingly affect how we arrive at money decisions in everyday life.

2. “Futureproof Your Career and Company" by Maulik Parekh

If the pandemic has fueled you to rethink your career path or business choices, Maulik Parekh’s page-turning read can surely help as it lays down actionable insights and proven steps on how companies and workers can stay afloat, ahead of the curve, and flourish in the future in the digital era.

Filled with thought-provoking anecdotes and remarkable narratives, the book discusses how the three powerful and long-term trends of artificial intelligence, digital natives, and the gig economy will impact careers and companies in the next decade.

Futureproof Your Career and Company" also suggests valuable methods on how to future-proof one’s career and company by learning, innovating, transforming, and thriving in the digital revolution.

3. “Only Your Grace” by Fr. Tito Caluag

Since the Lenten season is already upon us, readers can nurture or be more in touch with their spiritual devotion aided by Fr. Tito Caluag’s latest book “Only Your Grace,” a year-long prayer and reflection program that aims to create a personalized approach to one’s faith and spirituality.

The new read—a follow-up to the author’s prayer and devotional book “Give Thanks and Praise,”—also includes a special weekly reflection that can be accessed live or on-demand online to assist readers in diving deeper into each week’s material.

"Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work" is available via ABS-CBN Books’ official stores on Lazada, and Shopee for P680 while “Futureproof Your Career and Company" can be availed in select bookstores nationwide for P595. “Only Your Grace” can be pre-ordered by sending an e-mail to and copies will be available on March 25.




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