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The Six Fix: Tips to Increase Your Happy Hormones

The Six Fix: Tips to Increase Your Happy Hormones

Have you been working for hours and now you just don't have the drive to carry on anymore? Your endorphin level may be decreasing. Endorphins, usually called "happy hormones," are released by the brain to give the body a light and happy feeling. So if you're having a long and hard day, try these six simple tips that can brighten up your mood:

1. Eat. Commonly, people will suggest sweets but any kind of food will do, even bubble gum. According to studies, chewing stimulates the senses, thus increasing alertness and improving mood.

2. Move around. Stand and do some stretching and jumping jacks, or you can also stay seated and wiggle. You might come off as weird, but it will surely wake you up and help boost your mood greatly.

3. Look for something green. Psychologists say that green is the color of happiness and by merely looking at anything that’s green, you'll instantly be able to relax your mind and body.

4. Talk to a friend. When you can’t handle the stress, grab your phone, talk to that one person (or make use of that multi-way calling feature and talk to your BFFs) you can rant to, and in no time, you'll surely find yourself laughing at the situation.

5. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, breathe in heavily and slowly breathe out. Repeat three times. It will soothe your nerves and help you get back on track.

6. Smile. It may sound old and cheesy but if you want to counter stress, smile and spread good vibes. Studies show that even if you're only faking smiling, your brain is conditioned to think that you're in a better mood. So in this case, we highly encourage that you fake it 'til you make it.


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