Hot Stuff: 10 Instagram Accounts That'll Fill Your Feed With Positivity

Hot Stuff: 10 Instagram Accounts That'll Fill Your Feed With Positivity

Fed up with all the bad news flashing up on your phone? Stressed over people arguing on social media? In these trying times, an influx of positivity might just alleviate your stress. All it takes is looking in the right places.

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From accounts spreading hope amid crisis to those inspiring action through hopeful quotes, a social media scroll might just bring the much-needed good vibes. Thanks to mobile internet and social media apps, enjoying access to all your favorite accounts that promote positivity has never been easier.

Sprinkle your day with happiness with our round-up of the best Instagram accounts publishing feel-good news! Scroll further to see!

Upworthy (@upworthy)

Already at 1.3 million followers, @upworthy stays true to its tagline: “Delivering you the best of humanity since 2012”. Its posts highlight the random acts of kindness, ways to entertain yourself during isolation, and many more!

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Girl Boss (@girlboss)

Girl boss has all the sass and savviness you need. Popping with color, their account is about fun slogans, funny videos, and some seriously relatable sayings.

Good News Movement (@goodnews_movement)

This account was initially set up when its founder was at home with flu. Now, amid a kind of flu bigger than ever, the Good News Movement notched up on its role by sharing daily updates on the positive ways in which the world is responding to COVID-19.

Happsters (@happsters)

If puppies bring you good vibes, you’ll want to head over to @happsters! This page oozes with adorable photos and videos of puppies in between mantras. If that doesn’t bring you joy, we don’t know what else will!

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A happy belated puppy Friday to you all! My favorite is the sound sleeper towards the back 😂🐶 #puppyfriday

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Subliming.jpg (@subliming.jpg)

This IG account by New York-based graphic designer Tessa Forest is not your average quotes-on-a-whimsical-background account. Her page is a visual feast that uses words from authors, philosophers, and lyricists, formatted in clean designs with amazing typefaces and color choices.

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The Happy Broadcast (@the_happy_broadcast)

Combating hate and fear, The Happy Broadcast shares anxiety-free news from around the globe through vibrant illustrated graphics and jolly characters.

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Emotions are running high during this time and sometimes simply acknowledging how you feel can help to ease anxiety. Expressing your emotions is never a bad thing, and if you’re not okay, it’s okay to say so. When you acknowledge your anxious feelings, you take an important step toward feeling better. You’re not alone my friend. And If you feel like anxiety is taking over, talk to your doctor or go to an online support group to share with others what you’re going through > there are amazing online spaces like Turn2me or Mental Health America @mentalhealthamerica where you can find resources and support. #thehappybroadcast #anxiety #support #shareyourfeelings #emotions #coronavirus #notalone #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealth

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The Way We Met (@thewaywemet)

This account famously features couples sharing their real-life meet-cute stories all to make you feel all warm and fuzzy! If you think you and your partner have an adorable “how we met” story, send them an email!

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Part 2: "Time went by and eventually he stopped calling. However, I would still run into him every now and again at the clubs. He would always be in the VIP rooms with all the other out of control, party boy actors. Every time I saw him, I did my best to avoid him. Then one summer night in late August, I ran into him and couldn't get away. He asked me what happened and what he did wrong. I told him he did nothing wrong and that I just wasn't ready for a serious relationship. I didn't hear from him again until October. He called, and my best friend / roommate at the time was like, "just go out with him! He's a nice guy and he's still calling you after everything you've put him through." So I did. We went to The Mint and listened to some great music and totally fell in love. We got married 3 months later on NYE Dec 31st 1990. We've been together now for 30 years and have 2 beautiful children. Being married to an actor hasn't always been easy- but I wouldn't trade it for the world. We have managed to raise a family through the career highs and lows and have always made it work. We are proud of our lasting love and commitment to each other. Staying together for 30 years as a couple in Hollywood is rare, and that's why our love story has been the greatest role of all."

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The Female Collective (@femalecollective)

This Instagram account posts content to support self-love and solidarity among women and the LGBTQIA+ community. It also digs deep into empowering themes in the form of brightly colored, positive quotes. The account has now amassed a following of 790,000 all there to celebrate those feeling marginalized.

The Happy Newspaper (@thehappynewspaper)

Created by Emily Coxhead, The Happy Newspaper is a constant source of inspiration. Stories shared tend to focus on acts of kindness as well as other "good news" from around the world.

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Repost: @emilycoxhead ‘Life is weird and scary right now but we’ve got this x’ It’s okay to feel overwhelmed right now, it’s okay to be anxious, sad, angry and confused. You are absolutely not on your own with this, if you’re living alone, please reach out and stay connected… it’s more important than ever that we check in on others by picking up the phone. We quite literally are all in this together. I don’t know when things will start to feel a little more normal but what I do know is that when they do we will have an appreciation and gratitude like we’ve never felt before. We will hug and dance and sing and nip to the shops and out for lunch and go to the park with little ones and catch up over cups of tea with our grandparents and with our mates at the pub. We will have an even greater respect for our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, carers, emergency services, teachers, cleaners, delivery drivers and shop assistants… the incredible individuals with families of their own who are all holding the fort for us right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart x

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Reasons To Be Cheerful (@rbtcheerful)

Online magazine and “part therapy session,” Reasons To Be Cheerful provides community-driven stories of hope by sharing tried-and-tested solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

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