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Cheat Sheet: How To Keep Your Overall Health In Check These Days

Cheat Sheet: How To Keep Your Overall Health In Check These Days

Everyday is an opportunity to do something to improve your health. It doesn’t have to be anything major—unless you want it to. It could be a little thing you can work into your everyday life that sooner or later becomes a habit.

From taking the right supplements to exercising regularly, listed below are ideas to help you keep your overall health in check. Try a new one out each day until they become healthy habits!

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Take the right vitamins

The benefits of vitamin E are relatively similar to that of several other vitamins. There is no doubt you need a certain amount for your health to support healthy, normal immune responses to pathogens like viruses. The most popular nutrient supplements to take are multivitamins, calcium, and vitamins C and D. While all these play a central role in boosting our immune systems, you must know that there is another essential vitamin required for our human organs to function properly: Vitamin E.

Studies show that those taking vitamin E have stronger immunity and better overall health, including lower rates of heart disease, stroke, several cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease. A bonus: Vitamin E's been proven to be more effective than other vitamins in keeping skin cells healthy!

Maintain a healthy diet

As with most things in your body, a healthy diet is key to a strong immune system. While it sounds like a no-brainer, make sure you consume plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Experts believe that your body absorbs vitamins more efficiently from dietary sources, theso  best way to support your immune system is to eat a well-balanced diet. 

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Exercise regularly

Working out isn’t just for building muscles, getting your dream abs, and helping yourself de-stress. It’s also an essential part of supporting a healthy immune system. One way that exercise improves immune function is by boosting your overall circulation, making it easier for immune cells and other infection-fighting molecules to travel more easily throughout your body. 

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep certainly doesn’t feel like an active process, but in case you didn’t know, there are plenty of important activities happening in your body when you’re not awake. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough quality sleep are more prone to getting sick after exposure to viruses, such as those that cause common cold. To give your immune system the best chance to fight off infection and illness, it’s important to monitor how much shut-eye you get every night. 

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