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Style Spotlight: The New MYX VJs Make for Snazzy Fashion Pegs

Style Spotlight: The New MYX VJs Make for Snazzy Fashion Pegs

Besides their impressive hosting skills, MYX VJs are some of the most sought after youth icons in the country because of their on point fashion sensibilities. Continuing the legacy of former VJs Nikki Gil, Iya Villania, and Chino Lui Pio, MYX's new squad members have unique personal styles that spell F-A-S-H-I-O-N P-E-G. We break down their looks for you:

Sharlene San Pedro: Sweet Eclectic

Although the hippie look is a trend worn by many, Sharlene's bubbly and light-hearted spirit makes her combination of floral skirts, printed shorts, and colorful headpieces and jewelry a cut above the rest.


Jairus Aquino: Cool and Confident Boy-Next-Door

His style is quite simplecool and comfybut he exudes a boy-next-door aura that turns heads. Channel him by stocking up on jackets, pullovers, and a pair of white shoes that goes well with almost anything and everything (basics go a long way). Remember, your confidence will truly shine when you wear clothes you are most comfortable with. 


Sarah Carlos: Chic Sophisticate

She's simple and classy personified, with her elegant silhouette and color combinations. To pull off her posh style, you may wear your choice of bodyfit dress if you want to flaunt your curves. Or if you're leaning towards the convervative side, you can wear a polo tucked in a black skirt or pants. Just remember to choose pieces that best suit your body type..


Alex Diaz: The Dapper Hunk

He has an outgoing spirit that's very evident in his bold outfit choices. To achieve his style, try something that you would say is "not your style," perhaps a jumpsuit or a top coat, and a pair of boots, and see just how far taking that stylish leap can take you.


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Photographs courtesy of MYX and from the celebrities' Instagram accounts




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