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In Focus: How Singles & Couples Keep The Love Alive Despite The Distance

In Focus: How Singles & Couples Keep The Love Alive Despite The Distance

Following social distancing protocols to keep ourselves safe during this time doesn’t mean we can no longer connect with our SOs and keep our relationships alive. In this digital era, doing so is still much possible—we just have to be creative. Didn't people say love conquers all fears including the most unfortunate and unthinkable of situations? This is what Closeup looks to highlight even further as it continues to stand for love and closeness despite all odds. 

As we maintain a safe distance from our loved ones, it’s important to know that there are still many things we can do to #StayCloserApart. Below, stuck-at-home singles, locked-apart lovers, and cabin-fever-stricken couples offer some tried-and-tested ideas that might help us keep the love on during this time.

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Stuck-at-home singles

Blogger Lissa Kahayon has not seen her friends in three months, with many of whom she's enjoyed traveling and creating video content together. She definitely misses everyone, but she knows it's all about safety first. How then is Lissa reaching out while staying indoors? The stylista goes on virtual dates and workouts with her friends at least once a week. “I’m lucky my close friends are also makulit to reach out, so we’re still very much updated with each other’s lives,” she says. In life, Lissa admits, it’s truly about the little things. “The crisis really took a toll on everyone so a simple text or call can completely change and uplift one’s mood."

Locked-apart lovers

Lifestyle vlogger Ashley Yap and entrepreneur Reph Bangsil’s relationship currently thrives thanks to daily video calls. “The past few months were nothing we could’ve ever expected,” Ashley writes in an Instagram post. “But if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s our promise to make time for each other.” 

Similarly, digital influencers Chesca Cabrera and Chad Ribaya are into online activities while apart. They particularly enjoy going on virtual movie "dates." "The new normal (staying in) is hard but it’s a small price to pay to keep everyone safe,” Chesca sighs.

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Cabin-fever-stricken couples

Social media influencers Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz have been quarantined together since March 12—and it's during this time, they say, that they have grown both relationship and career wise.

“We’ve both established our individual routines of working during the day and spending breaks together like lunch and dinner,” shares Laureen, adding they really make time for mutually enjoyable activities like dining in and watching their fave shows. “We prepare themed dinners. We like pretending we’re somewhere else with the food that we eat. We try to have a cute dinner set-up and play music reminiscent of our favorite places!”

Miggy, meanwhile, shares the time spent under one roof has let him learn new, surprising things about the love of his life. "In these unprecedented times, I’ve discovered more about Laureen’s vulnerabilities,” he reveals. “I myself have felt a lot of stress lately but seeing her through her ups and downs during quarantine, I’ve started to learn and understand how to be there for her more than ever.”

All said, Laureen and Miggy both emphasize the importance for couples to give each other personal space while being there for each other in times of need. “This allows your partner to still feel like themselves even in quarantine and it helps make the bonding moments even more special,” adds Miggy.

No matter the situation or distance, it is true we can still #StayCloserApart in more ways than one. Check out this  video and see how other couples are proving it!

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