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The Six Fix: Words of Patience to Beat the Dreaded Mondays

The Six Fix: Words of Patience to Beat the Dreaded Mondays

It’s that time of the week again where you have to force yourself to get up from the bed; that time of the week again where alarm clocks go off every 10 minutes in the morning—enough to give you time for more lounging on the bed, and also enough to make sure you don’t come to work too late.

We get it. It wouldn’t be so often hashtagged manic Mondays for no reason, and it wouldn’t be dreaded if it was always a piece of cake starting yet another work week. In a book called A Thousand Paths to Patience by Michael Powell, we picked out six things to somehow remind us that “Patience is a virtue” and we may very well be striving for it.

1. Which do you think wastes the most time and energy; losing your temper or counting to twenty?

Train broke down again? Unforeseen traffic? Those are just a couple of things among many others that would shoot anyone straight to an air of annoyance. But before you lose it, brush up on your numbers. Count; and if you need more than twenty, then go right ahead.

2. Every day could be the day you’ve been waiting for.

You see, the beauty about that mindset is that, it gives you anticipation about good things that are yet to come. It enables you to open your eyes and appreciate the little things. It’s like saying, “Today is the day when you truly get what your heart desires.” Believe it long enough and it might just come true.

3. If you have patience and tolerance, you attract patience and tolerance. Life does give back in kind.

You get what you give. You invite what you project. It’s really as simple as that. Like what has been said a gazillion times before, life is never a one-way street. Give and you shall receive, in one way or another—and when you get lucky, in more ways than one.

4. The rhythm of life can’t always be a bossa nova.

You may be the laidback, “chill” type of girl but the universe doesn’t always give you the music that you want. Learn to waltz, to krump, to cha-cha, or whatever other steps you feel like learning. All these, of course, in the context of dealing with life and its daily hurdles.

5. Accept things you cannot change with humor and grace.

There are probably things you experience every day that you’d like to change but are not always within your control. While it may not always be funny, a little humor never killed anyone. So shake it off, laugh it off. And the most important part, be graceful about it.

6. The future belongs to those who have the patience to create it.

Eleanor Roosevelt may have another thing in mind when she said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” While that sounds pleasant to hear, belief is just one part of the equation. Be mindful, be intentional, and have the patience to work hard towards your goal. 


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