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In Focus: Tapioca Pearls, Pambahay, & Other Surprising Pinoy Buys Amid The Pandemic

In Focus: Tapioca Pearls, Pambahay, & Other Surprising Pinoy Buys Amid The Pandemic

Since the quarantine, it's been no secret that Filipinos have gone online to learn new dometic skills and new ways to communicate from a distance. Online shopping platform Lazada can attest to this behavior. With 30 million searches registered daily, the app has seen a "significant shift in what Filipinos are searching for and adding to cart... during the ECQ," the brand's Chief Marketing Officer Neil Trinidad said in a recent statement. Next to essential needs, Trinidad added, "Many have also been buying products to help them learn a new skill or create family bonding moments." 

Ever wondered what Pinoy shoppers have been looking for the past months? The popular app recently lent results from its survey to show the current climate's bestsellers, some of which are surprising!

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Tapioca pearls, fresh and frozen goods

Several F&B outlets, including bubble tea shops, suspended their operations amid social distancing measures. Bubble tea fanatics responded by recreating their own drinks at home—complete with pearls! Apart from tapioca pearls, customers have been stocking up fresh and frozen products. Brands on Lazada such as  Mekeni Food Corp, Swift, Zagana, Pampanga’s Best, and Kitchen Mark’s not only house customer favorites like Potato Corner, Robina Farms, Argentina, and Tous Les Jours; they deliver straight to your doorstep!

Kitchen utensils and equipment

From banana bread to ube cheese pandesal, homemade goods have become both a social media phenomenon and a coping mechanism for people stuck at home. The rise of baking and cooking has likewise led to a rise in orders for kitchenware.

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Although people have embraced natural beauty throughout quarantine, video conferences and presentations prompt Filipinos to put on a full face when necessary. Others are using this time to perfect makeup tricks and research the right products to do so. Local beauty brands like Sunnies Face and Colourette, as well as international beauty brands L’Oreal and Maybelline are among the most searched on the platform.

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Pambahay (lounge wear)

Stocking up on essentials is expected during the quarantine. Turns out pambahay sets are, too! Having become Filipinos’ preferred everyday wear, shoppers are on the hunt for chic sets to add to their closets. Customers are also buying lingerie, slippers, and sandals to complete their loungewear looks.

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DJ equipment

Whether it’s missing the party scene or wanting to try their hand in spinning, orders of DJ equipment continue to go up.  

Yoga mats

Gyms remain closed, leaving shoppers to purchase workout equipment to use at home—the most popular being yoga mats. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands saw an increase in sales too.

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