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In Focus: Why It's Time To Drop Stress Eating And Go With 'Mindful Snacking'

In Focus: Why It's Time To Drop Stress Eating And Go With 'Mindful Snacking'

You are a person of many moods, and it's not always sunshine and rainbows. And in the instances you're down, anxious, or overwhelmed, you often turn to comfort food. The desire to eat to combat your stress levels is understandable—from eating quickly as you run to your next Zoom meeting to nibbling on anything past your bedtime while reading more bad news as they come. But while this is allowed in times of crisis, you might be setting yourself up for more stress. If this statement doesn't trouble you, you might want to skim through this Italian survey during the lockdown that measured weight gain increase among 48.6% of the population. (Italy was one of the countries heavily struck by the pandemic.)

And so to keep your overall health in check, experts suggest, you might start lessening your mini-trips to the kitchen by "mindful snacking."

Mindful snacking is basically eating with attention and in the moment, explains FMCG company Mondelez Philippines. It's a practice that allows you to take in all the textures and flavors of your food, to determine your system's needs on a deeper level.

“Are you looking for something sweet or savory, creamy or crunchy, hot or cold, or soft or crispy? By understanding why you are eating, you can better choose the right snack for what you need,” says the company's Corporate and Government Affairs Country Manager Toff Rada in a release.

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Mondelez says this unique method of snacking could make your food experience a lot healthier and more satisfying as you become more conscious of what you eat, how you eat, and why you eat. It could help you avoid consuming more than you should and eventually shift your perspective on food, in general.

"Each person’s relationship to food is uniquely their own: We each have our own needs, preferences, and priorities when it comes to making choices about what we eat. To practice mindful snacking is to insert a pause to help us be aware of our own decision-making process, helping us determine what’s right for our bodies and our health," Mondelez added in the release.

How to go about mindful snacking? The company offers these following simple tips!

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