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Make Your Mantra: What Your 2015 Self Can Tell Your 2016 Self

Make Your Mantra: What Your 2015 Self Can Tell Your 2016 Self

Almost everybody likes the start of a new year because it signals a clean slate, a chance for do-overs. Having parted with the year that was, it’s now easier to take a step forward and get a clearer picture of what you can take with you this year.

You may find yourself having an internal dialogue as the thoughts race and the moments flash back into your mind. Some might be too fun to even describe, some might be a little tedious to remember. And then there are some that you’d just want to keep repeating in your head. There were words realized, words that stuck, words that mattered.

Serving as sweet little reminders to perhaps get you by another day, or to make an even better version of you, here are some of my top picks right from my own memory lane:

Be Present. Nothing could be better than seeing people looking up, talking to each other face to face, meeting eye to eye, and away from their phones. Most of the time, and admit it—your excessive use of your mobile phone takes you away from the moment, like when your friends were laughing because somebody cracked a joke and you couldn’t follow through because you just couldn’t be bothered as you #instagramthatshit.

Be present. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself this year.


Choose Yourself. Without giving it much thought, you’d probably think this tends to be selfish, self-serving even. But as you may have heard, you cannot give what you don’t have. So choose yourself, every day. When you have the choice to do stuff that will enhance your skills, when you have the choice to learn new things and see new places, when you have the choice to conduct yourself with all gentleness and honesty—choose that. Because that is what “choosing yourself” means.


Kindness over Genius. Did you ever have someone in your life who tells you character is more important than the smarts? If you have, then you’re lucky to have that guidance. Sometimes it’s easier to be stubborn and have things conveniently your own way. Then you’re reminded, that sure, intellect and material riches in the world can fill up bank accounts. But without character, it can never fill up hearts.


Seek Wholeness. You may have seen Will Smith’s movie called The Pursuit of Happyness. While the film itself is inspiring, the concept can be improved, at least in my honest opinion. Embark on a pursuit of wholeness; happiness is just one part of that. Allow yourself to go through it all and come out a new person. Everybody deserves to be whole, and you can’t do that if you’re just going to seek out happiness all the time.


Perhaps some would feel these are a little too cliché. But if there’s one more thing that I can add to the list, it’s that sometimes, you don’t need to look so far out. Get back to the basics because more often, those are the things we all easily overlook.






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