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Love Actually: Pia Wurtzbach & Jeremy Jauncey On Managing Their LDR Long Before Corona

Love Actually: Pia Wurtzbach & Jeremy Jauncey On Managing Their LDR Long Before Corona

Apparently, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Beautiful Destinations' CEO Jeremy Jauncey have been dating for over a year now. But as to why the hot new pair only admitted this recently—no less spectacular than on a magazine cover, they perhaps could only answer with the cliché, 'We took our time.'

In a recent Tatler Talks session Tatler Philippines (which they've covered together) hosted, Pia and Jeremy revealed the juiciest details and more. How the two captured their romance throughout the interview: One that took some years and criss-crossed continents, an inspiring, long-distance relationship long before the coronavirus would force many couples to it because of social distancing.

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First encounters

When did it exactly start? It would have begun as far as when Pia lived in New York as the international pageant's titleholder, with Jeremy's agency headquartered in the same city.

“There were moments before where we almost met," Pia began. "There was an event by the Philippine Tourism and I was there but they (Jeremy's team) were there earlier. They were leaving and somebody said, ‘No wait, Ms. Universe is coming!' But they left anyway, so we didn’t meet that night."

The two would finally meet for the first time rather randomly last year.

And how serendipitous it was, as Jeremy would recount. “Before living in New York, I lived in London. It was my home for 10 years and I saw Pia in Covent Garden," he said. "It was an area that I walked through so many times in the last 10 years and it was an area that I knew very, very well. And when I saw her, I recognized her instantly."

Like how many strangers become acquaintances, Jeremy recalled the meeting to be, well, warm. "And the funny thing is, we had crossed paths a few times before but never actually met each other properly, formally introduced. So, I thought I get one shot, so I ran off to her and it all went from there."

Jeremy would learn things he and Pia deeply shared—similarities and experiences that witnessed a beautiful connection coming. "I think I just introduced myself and mentioned that we had mutual friends. Because I’ve been to the Philippines a few times in the past and we knew some people in similar circles, so it wasn’t just completely out of the blue,” Jeremy, who was in Manila in 2017 for a modeling stint for local apparel brand Bench, explained.

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The perfect timing

Looking back, Pia enthused how time and timing did its part in pairing them up. "Everything happens for a reason, and I guess we were meant to meet now at this point in our lives where we’re so much more mature and I guess we’re ready for a serious relationship." Back during their supposedly first encounter, she was 26 and Jeremy would have been around 30.

The Kapamilya star added, "It’s very exciting. I’m very happy that the response has been so good. It just makes things so much easier when everybody is supportive, everybody is rooting for your relationship and that everybody wishes you well."

Jeremy, however, quickly clarified that he and Pia (whom he affectionately calls ‘Baby’) did not intentionally mean to hide it.

“It wasn’t that we were afraid, it was more really making sure that we were invested in each other and got to know each other," he said. "The foundation of our whole relationship was based on the two of us really becoming close and understanding our values, the things that we cared about, the things that we wanted. And on the flip-side knowing that a lot of people would be interested and want to know about us. We just felt it was really important that we set a good foundation before we came out and did something like this."

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Their dream-like date

For all their physical perfection and independently glamorous lives, Pia and Jeremy can be as normal as other couples—enjoying things other couples do, too. Traveling, included.

The couple has already spent time together in different countries the past year, but Jeremy opened up why Hong Kong held a special place in their hearts. It was there where they both realized something serious was going on, he said.

“I think what was so special about Hong Kong was that we just walked around just talking. There were no fancy dinners, there were no shows, or anything you might do when you’re in your early dating life. We were just walking around and talking," Jeremy narrated.

"I remember sitting down in a little park and we had all these school kids running around us and making noise, and birds and the trees and just being in the middle of nature in the middle of Hong Kong, and just looking at each other and talking about the things that we wanted and realize that they were very similar," he further mused.

It was also in Hong Kong where Pia and Jeremy had their first kiss.

He went on, "We had the day just walking around and spending the day together and we were staying in different places relatively close to each other. And it was just capping off the day as we went home, as we were going back to our respective hotels and I gave her a kiss good night. And then we left things. It fell into place because we spent so much time talking to each other and trying to understand each other realizing how much respect we had for each other and that we were on the same page. The night just ended in the perfect way. We went back to our hotels knowing we were seeing each other in the morning. That’s how it happened."

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Surviving long distance

Their many similarities, Pia related, played a huge deal on how the two "really clicked away"—both of them being in different places doing different things almost all at once.

"I really feel that he is the male version of me. I used to tell myself this before honestly, ‘I don’t think I’ll ever meet a guy who is as driven and as busy as me.’ But that would be a problem because we’d get a lot of problems in the relationship if that happens. And so I wasn’t really looking for anyone when I met him. But it happened and I’m so happy. We’re so in love," the actress-host-philanthrophist declared.

“We just talked non-stop and we found many things in common. It’s almost like love at first sight, I think. Even though he won’t admit that it was love at first sight!" she added with a laugh.

Living in two separate timezones might not be exactly Pia and Jeremy's "new normal," as a couple already  used to it. But while they do want to see each other beyond just the screens on their gadgets soon, they—like most couples now distant socializing—have to live with it more.

Jeremy, who was with Pia last in February, said, “We’ve really invested heavily on communicating with each other right since the very, very beginning. Just talking about our feelings, talking about what we’re looking for in life. I see it as a huge compliment that she thinks that I’m a male version of her because I see how driven, and smart, and how intelligent she is. I see how much I learn from her and hopefully she learns from me."

“I think constant communication is important," Pia then said. "We talk to each other everyday. Walang mintis. Everyday we talk to each other. Sometimes we talk twice a day and we’ll talk for hours if he didn’t have to go to a meeting or go to work, which he still does up to now—every day. That’s just how we bond. We talk about everything. I think that’s so important."

She further advised other couples already in an LDR or those forced to have one amid a crisis. "Talk to each other every day, check up on each other, and talk about the real things. Don’t just pretend that you’re good and everything’s fine. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and so many things going on in the world right now so it’s really important to be honest and to check on each other."

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