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In Focus: Enchong Dee's Key Fitness Motivation During Quarantine

In Focus: Enchong Dee's Key Fitness Motivation During Quarantine

With all hats Enchong Dee has worn over time—model, actor, singer, and on and on, it might be easy to overlook that before all of this, he was an athlete. Enchong was a swimmer before all else, and a successful one at that, having competed in college as a former De La Salle University Green Tanker. He also was with the Philippine National Team, competing in both the SEA Games and the Asian Games in 2006—the very same year he entered show business. 

The Philippine Olympic Committee remembers his athletic past, inviting him recently to join in on a morning workout session on  Facebook Live. The session witnessed Enchong plus fitness family Team Agra and Olympic swimming legend Akiko Thomson-Guevara—all fitness and swimming greats—discuss fitness, sports, and more.

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"Ever since the lockdown started, I (would) always work out at 5:30 (to) 6 PM, just so the sun won't be there anymore," Enchong began about what goes a day in his life workout-wise. His preferences of working out late in the day aside, he suggested otherwise, "I think it's good to work out the moment you wake up."

Besides work, Enchong mused on how the lockdown has changed his own exercise habits. "I was never into home workouts," he said, "until this lockdown." Not one to copy workouts from the screen previously, he "was really shocked na kung ano yung nararamdaman ko sa gym, like soreness, I'd feel it sa home workout, which is good!"

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Don't let what seems like his chill attitude fool you, though. When asked how often he does work out now, Enchong said he "carried kung ano man yung natutunan ko sa swimming before, so I just work out six times a week." As daunting as that might already sound, keep in mind: He used to work out 12 times a week!

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The key question many might be intrigued about: How does Enchong Dee motivate himself to lose weight? It took a journey, and a lot of earned knowledge and wisdom, he admitted. "Ang dami kong natutunan... If I had known what I know now, siguro I could've done swimming in a different way."

After all, Enchong said, fitness shouldn't just be about aesthetics. "I think there's a wrong perception that sometimes people go to the gym because they want abs. It's not the abs," he declared. "It's strengthening your core, your back muscles, to support yourself when you stand, when you sit. The reason why I work out is because I (wanted) to strengthen some parts of my body which I'd forgotten when I was swimming."

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