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Celebrity Style Hack to Try: Rock the Boyish Chic Look the Sue Ramirez Way

Celebrity Style Hack to Try: Rock the Boyish Chic Look the Sue Ramirez Way

Yes, being that pretty girl in a dress will always be a top style M.O.—but no, it’s not the only way to look stellar and captivate everyone’s heart. This is something that Pangako Sayo’s budding star Sue Ramirez has successfully proven with her boyish chic look that has just the right dash of girl-next-door charm.

Check out Sue’s must have fashion pieces so you can immaculately slay this look:

The Basics. The classic white tee and slightly ripped denim jeans pairing is here to stay. Look daring without showing too much skin with this hip combo, then finish off with a pair of funky shades and your signature lippie—you’re now more than ready to conquer the runway of real life in style! 


The Boss Buttondown. Plaid sleeveless flannel shirt + skinny jeans + trendy sneakers + cap = tough chick at its finest. This collared buttondown will allow you to look sporty and chic at the same time (check out how well this style equation suits the delicate features of Sue!).


The Statement Shirt. Want to go shopping or stroll around comfortably without compromising your fashion sense? Try donning an oversized statement shirt and shorts. Oh, and please don't forget to hunt down the perfect witty tee for your personality.


The Denim Dress. Denim boyfriend dresses can give you snappy style instantly. It's perfect for dates because you won't look like you're trying too hard. See how elegantly Sue wears this look.


While we highly encourage embracing your femininity, it doesn't always have to be the deciding factor when it comes to dressing up. If you feel more fab and confident wearing that borrowed-from-the-boys outfit, never hesitate to give it a go! 


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