Hot Stuff: Marjorie Barretto Is Now A Mommy Vlogger!

Hot Stuff: Marjorie Barretto Is Now A Mommy Vlogger!

Make way for the newest mommy vlogger in the Philippines: Marjorie Barretto!

Like many Kapamilya stars, Marjorie now has her own YouTube channel, which boasts of over 68,000 subscribers to date. The 46-year-old mom says she launched it thanks to the encouragement from her friends, children, long-time fans, as well as Instagram followers.

“You want to get to know us probably in a more personal level. And I think now is a good time to share good vibes with other moms, most especially,” she explains in a vlog.

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With six episodes and counting, Marjorie's channel comprises family, home, recipes, and travel content. Her first video after introducing the page shows how she pulled off a resourceful children’s party for her youngest daughter’s birthday. What made the celebration extra special is having her other children, including Julia Barretto and Dani Barretto-Panililio as guests!

Viewers can expect a lot more bonding moments in her succeeding vlogs. In one of them, she whips up a large batch of tomato pasta (what she calls “the second favorite of my kids”) with Julia assisting her in the kitchen! As of this writing, most of Marjorie’s videos are cooking vlogs—a treat for followers who often request her to share recipes. Stay tuned for more!

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