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Hot Stuff: How Reese Lansangan Ended Up In NASA's Latest Campaign

Hot Stuff: How Reese Lansangan Ended Up In NASA's Latest Campaign

It came as a surprise for singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan when NASA, as in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, snuck into her DMs on Instagram one evening.

"I couldn't believe it," she began on a recent vlog, about seeing the message. "When I opened it, it said that they liked my song, 'A Song About Space,' and that they've seen it and that they possibly want to feature it for something."

"That video is really, really, embarrassing, but still, I was dumbfounded," she continued, describing the original seven-year old video as "a version of me as a redhead with braces and a great, fantastic lisp."

Despite that, Reese still "Sent them that old video, and, a few days after, I decided to re-record 'A Song About Space' because I was thinking that maybe if they wanted to feature it, they could choose between the old version and the new version."

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It only took a couple of days before NASA emailed her back, "thanking me for the video, and they said that they featured my content on the #LaunchAmerica video promo on Youtube."

Even if she only appeared "in a one-second fleeting feature," Reese still shared it with her family and close friends, describing herself as "so surprised and so thankful" for the opportunity to be a part of that, but she "waited for a few days before posting about it" elsewhere. 

On the night that she did post it on Instagram, however, Reese got a message from a friend before going to bed.

"I thought he was pertaining to the Instagram post that I just put up," she said, "and I felt slightly embarrassed that I made such a big deal on Instagram about my one-second feature," thanking him and thinking that that was the end of it.

"And then he said, 'Wait, have you seen the new one?'" she said. "NASA posted a new video featuring the current day me singing the verse and chorus to another #LaunchAmerica video. The song was playing all throughout the video, and I was so shocked! The very first thing that you see is my face, and my face was also on the video's thumbnail!"

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"It is such a big deal for me, personally, for my music to be recognized by NASA, and it's a presence that has inspired a lot of my creative projects," Reese said, describing how she graduated from fashion school with a collection inspired by space suits.

"I've always looked to space for inspiration, and also to make me feel grounded. Sometimes, you just feel overwhelmed by the things you do," she continued, talking about how space inspires her and helps her put things into perspective."And you forget that you are a tiny speck in the context of this whole vast universe."

"My mom shared a story with me that when my other song, 'An Opportunity to go to the Moon' came out, she prayed that NASA would somehow see my song," Reese said, ending her vlog about the experience. "Months later, it comes as an answered prayer in a different form, but it's such a tiny and specific request that's been granted."

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Hear "A Song About Space" and everything else Reese had to say about the experience here:

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