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Cheat Sheet: Jessy Mendiola’s Best Money Saving Tips!

Cheat Sheet: Jessy Mendiola’s Best Money Saving Tips!

The value of a peso is something one learns over time. But some, like Jessy Mendiola, find themselves needing to sooner than later.

Many know that the Sandugo star did not come from a well-off family. She assumed the role of breadwinner at an age where most kids only think about school or play. Now that her siblings are done studying and have their own lives, Jessy is now in a position where she can spend as well as save money for herself.

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Candid as ever, the 27-year-old began her vlog on money-saving by spilling tea on her income.

“Our job pays really well, but since very erratic yung trabaho namin, hindi din ganun kadaliAlam mo yun na, 'When it rains, it pours.' Pero pag wala, wala talaga? Yun kadalasan yung nangyayari sa aming mga artista, sa aming mga celebrities, o sa aming mga nasa ganitong klaseng industriya,” she confessed.

Jessy filmed the vlog to share practical tips that have helped her manage her money over the years. For every tip she cited, Jessy shared a past experience or a personal how-to that influenced her way of thinking.

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One of them, for instance, showed her explaining the benefits of selling. “Ang ginagawa ko, pag meron akong isang bagay na feeling ko kailangan ko na ng upgrade, ibebenta ko yung bagay na yun para bumili ng mas bago. Learn to let go of older things to give way to new ones. It's one way to not spend too much on something you want to buy,” she said.

Jessy, who owns beachwear brand Señorita, was also quick to critique herself. “Actually, totoo yun, kuripot talaga akong tao,” she continued. “But I like buying nice things! So, in order for me not to put out too much money, I sell some of my stuff. Try nyo lang yun! It doesn’t have to be big. May isa kang bag na ayaw mo na and medyo na-depreciate yung price. Okey lang yun! You can still sell it para if gusto mo ng bagong bagay, gamitin mo yung money na yun na kinita mo dun sa bag na yun na binenta mo tapos dagdagan mo lang nang konti.

If there is one consistent and encouraging idea behind each of Jessy's tips, it’s that the act of saving matters—even more than the amount saved. “Just take it day by day. You may not be there right now, kung saan mo gustong makarating. But you are closer,” the actress reasoned.

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