In Focus: Isabelle Daza On How She Does It All

In Focus: Isabelle Daza On How She Does It All

Building an empire is a boss move that everyone aspires for. We’re in an era where everyone’s goal is to have it all. And who doesn’t want that? For multi-hyphenate Isabelle Daza, branching out of her showbiz roots took a lot of guts. “Preparation is key. Although with everything that's happened now, I think one thing I have learned is we need to be flexible and adaptable,” shares Belle as she remembers how she started opening her world to becoming an entrepreneur.

The social media maven and fashion icon is slowly building an empire of her own. Along with the milestones in her personal life—she’s married to Adrien Semblat and mother to two-year-old Baltie—Belle has seen herself take on the role of a businesswoman. Her franchises combine two of the things that totally embody her: an active lifestyle and a penchant for healthy eating. “I had to take a few risks and challenge myself to see if I could really do it. I failed a few times. I lost money in investments but it taught me valuable lessons,” relates Belle. This is how she brought to life Ride Revolution and FRNK Milk Bar, two brands that are shaping the lifestyle norms of Filipino millennials and Gen Z-ers alike.

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“It’s a lot of hard work I tell you! I am so proud of where we are today. [For Ride Revolution], we have launched the first on-demand platform for cycling in the Philippines,” adds Belle. First introduced in 2015, Ride Revolution was created for Filipinos to have a unique experience with indoor cycling. Being the team player she is, she decided to perform as an instructor as well. “I thought if I was going to be part of the team, then I should know what it feels like to be on the podium to teach,” recalls Belle.

Last year, in the middle of the milk tea craze, Belle launched FRNK Milk Bar. Even though people have cautioned her about how the market is saturated, Belle still fought for her dream business. “I am very competitive, and I always love trying to stay ahead of the game. I think in order to survive these days, you must innovate.” And innovate she did. Prior to opening FRNK Milk Bar, she, along with her Research & Development team, developed offerings that were healthier alternatives for beverages and treats. Think being able to enjoy a sweet treat for only 100 calories! “I really believe transparency is key: what you put into your food that eventually goes into your body,” relates Belle.

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Five years, since she evolved from modeling and acting in movies and teleseryes to putting up her businesses, we can’t help but be impressed with how she’s managed, while juggling a multitude of things on her plate. We only have one question for her: What is Isabelle Daza’s secret to balancing it all?

“I am just doing the best I can. I have a very rigid schedule which I follow and it gives me time to be able to work, work out and actively participate in my son’s life,” relates Belle on how she balances working, being a wife, and a very hands-on mother.

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As she navigates her way through her day-to-day life, she also has something to accompany her so that she’s always at the top of her game. “My smartphone is ME,” she exclaims. Belle’s career also revolves around social media, sharing, and engaging with her millions of followers (Fun fact: She has 3 million on Instagram), there’s no question why having a smartphone is vital in every part of her routine.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro, is equipped with a 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen to help her see billion-color vibrancy especially when she has to review marketing materials when she’s not in the office. “I love the screen. It’s huge and perfect for when I want to watch videos or view test shots of our products my eyes don’t have to squint and the colors are accurate,” notes Belle of its AI Adaptive Eye Protection feature.

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And to get her much enviable IG feed plus witty captions to go along with each post, the Ultra Vision Camera System is the only way to go. “The photos don’t come out pixelated. I often use it at the park when I let my son run around.” Indeed, with the OPPO Find X2 Pro, it brings true to life images with its amazing 48MP Ultra Wide Lens camera and a 13MP periscope telephoto camera. Doesn’t it sound splendid to document and unleash your inner artist? No wonder we never cease to see Belle’s creative side.

One of the most important factors as to why the OPPO Find X2 Pro is Belle’s go-to device is that the battery lasts long, thanks to its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 flash charging technology that keeps up with her ever-demanding lifestyle. “It’s so quick to charge, from empty to a full battery of 100% in 38 minutes! I don’t find myself needing to carry a power bank around.”

As a modern Filipina taking on various roles, Belle has become a force to reckon with!

She’s definitely not defined by one representation of her life. She’s all and more especially armed with a smartphone like the OPPO Find X2 Pro that’s ultra-modern and the perfect fit for her fast-paced lifestyle. Now that’s a multi-hyphenate worth aspiring to be!

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Images courtesy of Isabelle Daza shot using Find X2 Pro




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