The Six Fix: No-Nonsense Filipino Podcasts To Jolt You Into Action!

The Six Fix: No-Nonsense Filipino Podcasts To Jolt You Into Action!

When you’re an adult in your mid-20s or older, you’re probably still adjusting to being at home all the time. You're so used to commuting to work and back—all while tuning out to your favorite music. The last one, you might be doing more so now bummed and confined at home with the lockdown imposed.

Listening to your fave radio station or playlist of choice is all well and good—but ever tried podcasts? Filipino-made and produced podcasts, in particular!

While vlogs, TikTok, and anything visual are what's hot, you might just be surprised at how the slightly more laid-back digital medium can inspire you. Below is a list of pretty substantial recos that might help bring back that much-needed motivation!

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1. The Purposeful Creative

Arriane Serafico, a teacher, author, and life coach, hosts this podcast. Arriane herself is a believer that designing a meaningful life is a creative process in itself.

Thus, The Purposeful Creative is all about breezy, feel-good but practical talks. Think first-hand life lessons in building a career or business around your passions, especially if you're one who can't seem to tie it together!

Available on: Spotify, Player FM

2. Kendrick Loves to Brand

As the man behind "brand venture studio" Antidote, Kendrick Co puts his knowledge in branding, business development, content creation, and social marketing in spoken words to come up with a podcast that celebrates Filipino entrepreneurship. He has guested many venerable names across industries including James Deakin, Mercato Centrale's RJ Ledesma, Coachcom Inc.'s Chot Reyes, Toby's Sports' Toby Claudio, and Potato Corner Jose Magsaysay Jr—all of whom have shared their journeys to success.

Available on: Spotify

3. Wake Up with Jim and Saab

Initially, the podcast was meant as an extra bonding activity for couple Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona. The uncensored, unscripted show would soon gain traction as it bared the new parents' lovable, #couplegoals-worthy friendship-relationship—rendering you a third-wheel to their kwentuhan, like, you know, a third-wheel who doesn't really mind.

Wake Up with Jim and Saab's topics range from music and movies to Twitter scrolls and trending news and beyond. The podcast sometimes features special guests, too, joining in the fun!

Available on: Spotify, Player FM

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4. Freelance Blend

This podcast aims to entertain, educate, and engage rakiteros from the Philippines and across the globe with "Filipino freelancing champion" Marv de Leon as host. Its range of topics is interesting and relevant, with influential freelancers and entrepreneurs guesting to provide insights and comparing notes based on experience.

Available on: Spotify, Player FM

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5. Debatable with Nina and Kyle

The podcast fronts best friends and ex-debate teammates Nina Tomas and Kyle Atega going hard about President Duterte's "emergency powers," superhero movies, international relations, Valentine's Day—and these are just some of the recent episodes! Debatable with Nina and Kyle deep-dives into any issue a la real debate.

Available on: Spotify

6. Adulting With Joyce Pring

Joyce Pring's career as host, DJ/VJ, and content-creator has now extended to the podcast medium. She now keeps a series of shrewd how-to's and life advice targeting her fellow, well, adults.

Available on: Spotify

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