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Hot Stuff: New Docu Series Explores The Philippines' Most Amazing Underwater Wrecks!

Hot Stuff: New Docu Series Explores The Philippines' Most Amazing Underwater Wrecks!

Since most areas of the country have already been placed under general community quarantine (GCQ), the government is slowly easing travel restrictions to restart tourism. However, until there’s mass testing and cure for COVID-19, the most logical ways we can protect ourselves from the deadly virus are staying indoors, practicing social distancing, and ensuring proper hand hygiene. That thirst for our next travel, we can always satisfy by watching documentaries—especially those that capture personal experiences in its rawest, most straightforward form.

Take iWant's newly released Wreck Hunters. Hosted by divemaster and award-winning underwater photographer Wowie Wong and sports and outdoor enthusiast Ernie Lopez, the five-episode series literally dives deep into the Philippines' most interesting underwater wrecks—haunting caverns that came about because of tragedy and now rooting themselves as part of the marine ecosystem. A sunken casino, an aircraft carrier, a Japanese cargo ship dating back to the second World War—the show lets viewers in on a 'tour' and with it some quick local history lessons!

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It might be senseless to detail the adventure that awaits every Wreck Hunters episode lest it gets spoiled. But Wong, who did the stortyelling, succinctly teased how being up close with these one-of-a-kind wonders only led both hosts to appreciate the Philippines' beauty further. “It’s not about beauty shots alone. It’s really authentically sharing with you that beautiful story that we learn from visiting places,” he said. “It’s really beautiful, what we have here.”

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