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In Focus: Bangs Garcia’s Empowering Messages For Moms-To-Be

In Focus: Bangs Garcia’s Empowering Messages For Moms-To-Be

As information about COVID-19 in connection to pregnancy continues to be studied, there are ways expectant mothers can protect themselves and their growing families. Neverthless, getting knocked up in this new normal doesn’t take away the discomforts commonly felt among pregnant women (fatigue, weight gain, body aches, and mood swings to name a few).

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Still, pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful time in a woman’s life no matter when it happens—and former Kapamilya actress Bangs Garcia wants every mom-to-be to remember that! After announcing in February that she and husband Lloyd Birchmore were carrying baby number two, she has been documenting how far along they are in their journey. While she’s at it, Bangs inspires by showing support to fellow moms, preaching self-love mantras as well as the power of prayer during tragedy.


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You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love & affection. #justfeelingmyselfat28weeks #7monthspregnant

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Our world now is a tragedy filled with sufferings and despair. This pandemic is beyond our control until a safe vaccine is finally developed against it. The least we can do is PRAY and be grateful for the life that we have and move forward responsibly. Let’s not succumb to sorrow and misery, there’s already way too much negativity surrounding us. Spreading or showing positivity wouldn’t mean absence of compassion and empathy, NO - it could be a simple reminder for each one of us that LIFE is still AMAZING and we should learn to embrace God’s most simple blessings. Gratitude turns confusion to clarity, denial into acceptance, anxiety into serenity, and will help create a vision for tomorrow. Let’s show life that we still have a million reasons to smile & laugh. Life goes on. Keep a positive mind!❤️😘

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