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3 Quotes that Best Define the Legacy of Kuya Germs

3 Quotes that Best Define the Legacy of Kuya Germs

It’s a sad day for the Philippine showbiz industry as The Master Showman has passed away.

German Moreno, popularly known as Kuya Germs, is considered as one of the icons of Philippine showbiz, bearing witness to the evolution of the industry from its golden ages, the dark ages, to its transformation to its current state.

Kuya Germs has been looked up to by a lot of his contemporaries for being a role model and for his quotable quotes. Let’s take a look at his words of wisdom and how they reflect his view on showbiz:

Walang Tulugan!”

If there is one tagline that is always associated with Kuya Germs, it has to be this. While the said tagline is used for one of the shows that Kuya Germs hosts, it actually goes beyond “no sleep” figuratively. Starting from his bodabil days, Kuya Germs worked extra hard to be one of the Philippines’ most revered showbiz personalities.

Even if he had a mild stroke last January 2015 due to overfatigue, the Master Showman never stopped working, an indication of how passionate and dedicated he is to his craft.

“There’s no business like show business.”

Kuya Germs bore witness to the transformation of Philippine showbiz since the 1960s, and though he lamented at the movie industry dying until the influx of indie films in the mid-2000s, he never gave up on showbiz. Instead, he shared his talent, knowledge, and wisdom to several young artists, and mentored them to be their best.

Even if it meant that he would shoulder all the fees of his talents, what mattered more for Kuya Germs was for his talents to be successful one day.

Aside from being the Master Showman, Kuya Germs' dedication to showbiz is one of the reasons why there is still hope for the industry to prosper again.

"Gusto kong magpaligaya ng tao, ayokong magpalungkot.”

Just like Comedy King Dolphy, Kuya Germs always bore in mind one of the most important objectives of the showbiz industry: To entertain people and make them happy. With the achievements he has made in his more than five decades as an artista, Kuya Germs wants to be best remembered by how he has made an impact in Philippine showbiz.

The Philippines may have lost an icon in the form of Kuya Germs, but his work, wisdom, and quotable quotes will continue to live on to inspire every Filipino.




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