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Cheat Sheet: How To Keep Your Brows Clean, Healthy, And Naturally Gorj!

Cheat Sheet: How To Keep Your Brows Clean, Healthy, And Naturally Gorj!

When you think of beauty care, right away you associate it with your skin, eyes, lips, and hair, and so you stock up on essentials that would improve it overall. But ever considered your brows? Yes, you do make sure they're always on fleek, but keeping it healthy is another topic altogether. "Not many people realize that brow care is surprisingly a lot like scalp care," as what Benefit Cosmetics National Brow Artist Czari Domingo observed.

Eyebrows help frame your face well and also enhances your overall look, so it's just right to give it the proper care it needs.

How? Start by making sure its always clean, says Domingo. "In the same way we wouldn’t want heavy conditioners to sit on our roots, our heavy face creams, oils, and moisturizers can also clog our brow hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth."

Proper cleansing is next to focus on, adds Domingo. "We must make sure to properly cleanse our brows from any makeup and dirt every evening, the same way we must keep our scalp and hair clean from dirt and grime."

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brow spoolie

Czari recommends brushing your brows with a clean spoolie for a few seconds. "Not only will this wipe off any excess products you may have applied on your brows while doing your skincare, but it will also 'wake up' your follicles"—an important factor to help in hair grow and health.

The brow expert herself uses products that have vital nutrients to keep brows nourished. "I personally love using (Benefit Cosmetics') Browvo Conditioning Primer on my brows every night because it has ingredients like soy and keratin proteins," she says, before mentioning positive feedback about Castor Oil—an effective oil treatment for eyebrow hair growth.

And finally, Domingo says, treat your brows to a gentle massage. "Just like how scalp massages are important for overall hair and scalp health, it’s also important to massage and stimulate the brow area so that they continue to produce strong and healthy brow hairs."

Keeping these essential eyebrow care tips in mind (and following it religiously) can improve your brow's appearance and overall skin health. So, while time is at your hands, add this extra step to your at-home self-care routine for healthier brows!

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