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Cheat Sheet: How To (Perfectly) Groom Your Brows At Home

Cheat Sheet: How To (Perfectly) Groom Your Brows At Home

Since the beginning of the quarantine, a lot of us have found ourselves doing things we usually leave the pros to do for us. From becoming our own hairstylist, nail artist, and facialist, there's still one tricky beauty care we still have to master ourselves: How to groom our brows.

We know that "kilay is life," and we totally get that the need to maintain the brow's shape ready for any Zoom meeting. To aid in this concern, we reached out to Benefit Cosmetics' National Brow Artist Czari Domingo for a few tips on perfectly grooming our brows at home.

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Before starting, though, Czari has the following reminders. First, she says, look for a spot with good lighting. "If the lighting in your bedroom or bathroom isn’t the most flattering or conducive for doing your brows, then don’t force it! This will only lead to mistakes. I recommend staying by a big window for lots of natural light instead." Think a magnifying mirror is necessary? Not really, Czari explains, "They (magnifying mirrors) just end up making you think you need to remove more hairs than you need to. Whether it’s shaping or even styling your brows with products, I always remind people to take a step back from the mirror once in a while to make sure that your brows are balanced. There’s no point in obsessing over how your brows look through a magnifying mirror, because that’s not how people will see you! Always consider the bigger picture, which in this case, is how your brows compliment your entire face."

For the most basic brow shaping tools, Czari suggests the following: Tweezers or brow shaver/razor, mirror,  a clean Spoolie, ultra-fine brow pencil, with aloe gel or ice optional.

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Once set, Czari has these tricks:

Map the brows

Achieving the perfect brow shape will instantly lift the face, that is why brow mapping is done to find the ideal shape. "Brow mapping will serve as a guide so your brows will always flatter your face," says Czari. "In a nutshell, brow mapping helps you find the best starting point, arch, and tail for your brows," she adds.

Using a ultra-fine brow pencil (such as the Benefit Precisely, My Brow pencil), mark these three points above the brows: First, the starting point of the brows should align with either the dimple or corner of the nose; second, the arch of the brows, following a diagonal line from the dimple of the nose across the center of the pupil; and lastly, the tail—or the diagonal line from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, which, Czari explains, provides, a face slimming effect when done right.

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brow mapping

Connect the dots or fill the brows

Normally, the Benebabes at Benefit Brow Bar would connect the points together and draw a border around the brows. "We only remove the hairs that are on and go beyond the borders. You can follow the same concept at home, or even take it a step further and fill your brows out the way you would want them to look," says Czari.

Start plucking or shaving!

Begin plucking unwanted hair, with Czari recommending tweezers to those used to shaping their own brows. "This is because tweezing your brow hairs will remove the hair from the root, making their regrowth period take longer. With a brow shaver, your brow hairs simply get cut and won't be pulled from the root, allowing them to grow back faster. The advantage of shaving would be that it’s more forgiving, just in case you’re not too confident with your brow grooming skills yet."

A bonus from Global Brow Expert Robert Bailey who also gave a full tutorial on how to groom the brows during one of Benefit PH's Instagram Story Highlights: "(When plucking), don’t start pulling hair out just any direction. You wanna hold the skin tight and pull the hair out in the direction that its growing. That’s gonna prevent you from having damage to any of the little hair follicles and ending up with that dreaded '90s eyebrow."

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