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In Focus: '2gether' Hotties Bright And Win On Love Always Winning

In Focus: '2gether' Hotties Bright And Win On Love Always Winning

Since 2gether: The Series concluded last week, the show's fans have been feeling a little left out and wanting some more out of it. Luckily, Bright (Vachirawit Chiva-aree) and Win (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn), whom everyone may know better as Sarawat and Tine, have agreed to an ABS-CBN exclusive interview to spill the beans on, well, just about anything about them fans have been dying to know!

What ensued was an adorable chat that only revealed these hunks' personalities once the cameras stop filming!

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On the topic of beginnings, it might not come as a surprise to fans of the show that Bright and Win, who seem so natural in character in front of the camera, didn't have to audition for their roles. The roles were simply given to them, and the rest was history.

For Win, rising up to the task of being the star for his first ever acting role stood as the greatest challenge: "At first I was very excited because it was my first series. When I got the script, tried to work with it. I tried to learn who Tine is, and I tried to blend it with myself!" he said.

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The more seasoned Bright had more to say about how he approached his role as Sarawat, who he says is "80%" like him: "For me, Sarawat is a very calm person," he said. "He doesn't like to express his emotions. I had to learn to be natural, to express my emotion through my eyes. It was very hard for me to play Sarawat!"

Outside of acting, however, Bright revealed he's got a full plate. When he's not busy with schoolwork in as a Marketing sophomore, he keeps busy as a host, model, and singer. "I manage my time by focusing more on work, and less on play time," he shared about how he juggles everything in his life. "I can't say which one I like the most. But being a singer is the most interesting for me now. Maybe in the future, I'd like to focus more on being a singer."

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Win became candid on his personal life, too, mentioning what drove him to begin acting in the first place: "I found that acting is very interesting and I wanted to try it, so here we go!" he said. As he approaches the end of his student life as an Economics major, Win's definitely got a lot more going to him than what he's studied for now!

Life has its own ways of getting people to where they are, and neither Bright nor Win could've said that becoming famous on television was their dream in their youth. "I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid," Bright revealed. "I didn't want to be an actor or anything like that!" Win felt the same way, too, saying that, "At first I wanted to be an architect!"

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On 2gether's message, both Bright and Win had something special to say about love. "For me, love has no definition. It has many forms, and love has no gender," Bright said. Win seconded, "I think love is love, love isn't about gender. Love is just about love! Even in the series, you can tell that Tine himself liked girls before, and he can change his love to Sarawat. Love isn't about gender at all!"

Is there a possibility of them returning to the screen for a second season? Bright and Win were rather secretive. "Maybe, maybe not, we don't know!" they muttered. But just like their fans all over the world, they're also keeping their hopes up to see Sarawat and Tine return to the screen soon.

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