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In Focus: Coleen Garcia & Billy Crawford On Their First Months Pregnant

In Focus: Coleen Garcia & Billy Crawford On Their First Months Pregnant

“The biggest complication that we have now is me,” Billy Crawford jokingly said on the May 8 episode of The Crawfords vlog on YouTube. He was sharing how he and wife Coleen Garcia have made it through five months of pregnancy.

BiCol's pregnancy has been one of the most talked about even during the pandemic, and the vlog "We're Pregnant" only proved at 2.8 million views (and counting) how so.

There, an amused Coleen revealed her husband has been the one experiencing pregnancy pangs instead of her. “Sya na nga naglilihi, sya na nga nag-mo-morning sickness, sya pa yung moody!” To which Billy admitted going through bouts of vomiting and craving for certain foods that his wife likes—“It was the weirdest thing!” he added.

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In the video, BiCol candidly admitted having had no idea they would become parents this year.

Billy, for one, said he was not happy about what his doctor shared during his last checkup. “For the longest time I used to drink alcohol, I was smoking three packs a day. I was skeptical about everything, even my health because I was overweight. The results came and I wasn’t as healthy as I would like to be," he opened up. "Actually the doctor even told me, ‘If you are trying to start a family any time soon, now is not the right time because your body is full of toxins.’ It wasn’t the proper lifestyle of a man. Sabi ko, ‘Wow, there were a few errors in my lifestyle. I kinda have to change.’ It didn’t take overnight for me to change. it took years. Kinausap ako ng Panginoon in my own faults. I’m now going on my second year of being completely sober. There were a lot of things that happened after the wedding that made me decide to really eliminate what was really putting me down. And when I did, things really started to roll."

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On the other hand, Coleen has been taking pills and was on medication for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which would make it hard for her to conceive. She then narrated how she first had an inkling about her condition during their stay in New York last December. The couple had gone out to replenish Coleen’s medication, but could not get it without a prescription. She then decided to just skip it until they went back to the Philippines.

“For some reason, I immediately felt this really big frustration because I felt in my heart at that moment that God was trying to tell me something. I just suddenly started bawling my eyes out. I started crying. Sobrang iyak ako nang iyak. And then after that I just kept giggling. It was so weird. Sobrang weird. While all of that was happening, parang I really felt God say na, ‘You always say na it’s My timing and it’s My plan. But then again, you’re trying to control it.’ It really hit me at that point and I just felt God tell me to let go. Because at that time, a bunch of different thoughts came into my head, worries and a lot of what ifs. And just stuff that would get me anxious. And I felt God say, 'Just trust Him.’ And I felt Him say that it was going to happen soon. But I never thought it would be easy for me to get pregnant,” she recalled.

Coleen got her first sign a few days before going on an out-of-town trip for a party last January.

“I was packing for that. Normally when I pack kasi, I make sure that I have everything I need, in case magkakaroon na ako. So, I checked my period tracker and I saw that I was around five days delayed which doesn’t usually happen kasi nga I used to be on pills, so that would make your period regular if irregular ka. So medyo na-alarm ako. I told my brother to buy three pregnancy tests just in case, kasi I knew it was coming some time. Sabi ko, ‘Love, baka ito na ‘to.’ I didn’t ask Billy to buy kasi baka umasa siya tapos biglang hindi pala."

"I secretly took one (test). Normally pag positive two solid lines tapos kung negative one solid line. When I took the test, ang lumabas may isang solid line tapos may isang line pero sobrang faded nya. I was looking at it for a while tapos inaantay ko na mabuo yung line kasi mamaya baka late lang talaga mag-form di ba? So inaantay ko, wala talaga. Then I threw it away!” she added with a laugh.

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At their friend's beach party, Coleen admitted feeling inexplicably different—from sleeping early to sleeping in until four of five in the afternoon.

“The entire time, for some reason, sobrang pagod ako. And that was never usually the case. Tapos ang nangyari, I’d sleep early. Like after dinner I’d sleep na. Siguro that was the first symptom I had but I didn’t understand why at that time. Buti na lang hindi ako uminom on that trip. Kasi hindi naman talaga ako mahilig uminom, "Pero I drank kasi nung Christmas and New York kasi I had no idea naman that at that time that I was pregnant already. So, that was something that was really scary nung nalaman ko. Buti na lang walang nangyari and buti na lang everything’s okay."

She continued, "So, when we came back from our trip, wala pa rin akong period. Akala ko effect lang siya sa pagtigil ng pills. So, I took another test. Ganun pa rin. May isang solid line tapos may isang blurred line pero yung blurred line na yun parang pa-klaro nang pa-klaro. That’s when I said to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, I think I’m pregnant!’”

Billy remembered being in disbelief when he first found out. “She told me in the sweetest way possible. She said, ‘Love, come here. I have to show you something.’ That’s how she called me. It was at nine in the morning. So, I walked over to the bathroom, I saw her holding the camera and then she gave me the test. I was in awe and I really couldn’t stop smiling. Para akong kinikiliti, in awe, from head to toe talaga,” he said.

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The couple decided to first share the good news with Coleen’s mom, who lived nearby. “We walked to her house. I was still in my pantulog. I didn’t even fix my hair or anything," she recalled, laughing. "On that same day, meron din akong guesting sa Showtime... And usually kasi pag nandun kami, we drop by the dressing rooms just to say hi."

Coleen further remembered the sweet moments that would happen, "And we went there and halos lahat sila nandun and we just really felt like telling Kuya Kim (Atienza). God has really used him as an instrument in our lives also. We’ve learned so much from him.”

She recalled Billy telling their godfather before calling her in to join them in a dressing room on the set. “And then nung lumabas kami ng banyo na umiiyak, nagtaka silang lahat. So, we eventually had to tell everybody else in the room. And we weren’t supposed to announce yet sabi ng OB-Gyne kasi first trimester but we just couldn’t help sharing the news with our loved ones!” she revealed.

The first trimester also coincided with Coleen’s ongoing promotion for her latest film Mia which made January a very busy month for her.

“I let it take a while before it really sunk in. I knew it was such a fragile time dahil I knew that anything could happen and I just didn’t want to be disappointed. Ayoko muna maniwala until sure na talaga and everything.... But we did go through a lot also because right after that. So, I was still in the middle of promo from Mia then pumutok ang Taal (Volcano), so I barely left the house kasi syempre masama yun eh. Lalo na if you’re pregnant. you’re extra sensitive. Nung medyo pawala na yung ashfall, I was actually on vitamins na and I was on meds na, bigla akong nagka-allergies.

Coleen recalled her sixth week as "pretty terrible. I spent the entire week in bed pretty much and I was so nauseous. I kept vomiting and I thought that it was morning sickness until I realized that it was actually my vitamins. I think I was getting some kind of allergic reaction to it."

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Coleen said finding relief after finishing the required two weeks bed rest brought about by some spotting. “I was so depressed. You know the feeling na you feel so icky, so ugly, so gross, and I just felt like a sloth lang talaga. Nakadikit lang ako sa bed. It’s so easy to shrug it off and say, ‘You’re fine. Hindi, wala yan after two weeks okay ka.’"

But, she admitted, "But that’s not how I felt during that time kasi I have an overactive mind. To the point na minsan it was anxiety-inducing already for me. To be in bed for two weeks, not doing anything, with anxiety, really made me feel so depressed. I think throughout this whole pregnancy, that was the one time that I really felt like crap."

Looking back, Coleen said she learned to be more introspective after being isolated during pregnancy. “Everything was great kaya lang yung mental state ko really, really suffered during that time. That whole two weeks kasi I wasn’t allowed to do anything but stay in bed. Pwede lang ako bumangon sa kama pag mag-si-CR lang ako. Sobrang active ko na tao. I always have to be doing something. That’s why I like to work out and everything. Yung workout ma-sa-sacrifice ko pa eh, but I wasn’t allowed to be productive in any other way. Pati nga cellphone hindi nakadikit sa akin because of the radiation and everything. So yung pregnancy books ko that I was planning on reading throughout this pregnancy, tinapos ko sa two weeks," she disclosed.

"After those two weeks, nag-heal na yung hemorrhage na yun. Everything was back to normal. I’m even working out again now. Pero syempre safe pa rin and very moderate pa rin. It was just two weeks of sacrifice and I feel in retrospect, I guess God just wanted to give me that time to really allow everything to really sink in and to kind of just be alone with my thoughts."

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The timing of Coleen's recovery proved to be perfect, with Billy and her attending Jay-R (their good friend) and Mica Javier’s wedding in Boracay last March.

“So everything was fine. Everything was normal. Nung una, we were scared na hindi kami makalipad kasi it’s also a risk daw for the baby if medyo sensitive yung pregnancy. At first we weren’t even sure if we were going to make it," she explained. "Pero after those two weeks na nag-behave and nag-clear na lahat, we were allowed to go to the beach. Kaya lang I wasn’t allowed to go on so many flights, so I wasn’t allowed to go na on Sarah (Lahbati’s) bachelorette trip which is sad kasi I got to fit na the swimsuit and everything."

Before ending their vlog, BiCol admitted taking a Non-Invasive Prenatal test on their 15th week of pregnancy to find out the gender of their baby—although, both of them have decided to keep the results to themselves for now!

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