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Hot Stuff: Celeb-Tried Pranks That Might 'Help' You Beat The Boredom!

Hot Stuff: Celeb-Tried Pranks That Might 'Help' You Beat The Boredom!

There are many things you can do around the house. What better place to take up new hobbies, stream movie and television shows, spring clean, or even catch up on well-deserved z’s?  But if you’re the type who thrives in social events or just loves to go out, staying indoors for as long as the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) deems necessary can be tough.

These artistas, however, aren’t letting a little isolation take the fun out of their day. Pranking, it seems, is quickly becoming their outlet of choice to entertain themselves and their audiences! Whether you’re social distancing alone or with your loved ones, laugh out loud at their crazy antics!

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After falling victim to pranks multiple times before, Ivana Alawi decided to get even with the help of her good friend DJ Loonyo. She made it clear to fans that the two aren’t dating, and that the vlog’s sole purpose was to, once more, annoy her mom.

Alex Gonzaga’s White Lady Prank was inspired by her own scare during ate Toni Gonzaga’s graduation. Watch the entire video to see just how many of her household staff fell for it (or how a number of them were laughably unsuccessful).

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Isabelle Daza is at it again! Taking inspiration from another of Alex G’s pranks, Belle films her sister and her fiancé as they prank call their mom Gloria Diaz and tita Soccoro Diaz. Here there pretend to create issues out of their leaving the house amid ECQ.

PBB Otso’s Franki Russell went for the classic prank calling method, with some of her housemates as victims. In this vlog, she creates fake scenarios to make Diana Mackey, Wealand, Argel Saycon, and Sky Quizon concerned—all while turning red from laughter!

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