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Hot Stuff: Pinoy Rum Brand Holds Online Concert To Help Feed People From NYC To Manila!

Hot Stuff: Pinoy Rum Brand Holds Online Concert To Help Feed People From NYC To Manila!

Times have been tough. But, no doubt, the less fortunate have had it tougher with the enforcement of lockdowns and quarantine periods, forcing them out of work and further deepening their woes day by day. Along with government efforts, it's fallen on the generosity of private groups and individuals to help provide for those who've fallen through the cracks until we all get out of this together. Don Papa Rum is one of these groups that have taken up this cause, through a series of online concerts titled "Sugarlandia Sessions."

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In its latest iteration, the Sugarlandia Sessions partnered up local indie label Terno Recordings. The collaboration brought together an eclectic mix of all kinds of genres in their lineup—starting with Populardays opening up the concert and bringing everyone back to the 80s with their jangly guitars and wistful lyrics. It was a mood that dream pop band Unmute then doubled down on, setting up an atmosphere perfect for an evening inside with a good drink. Jazz-funk band Lenses came on right after them, brightening up the mood with a live brass section. Aoui, an instrumental math rock band, came on last before the headliners, giving a good break from vocals and giving everyone a show of anything and everything possible with a pair of great guitarists and a rhythm section capable of keeping up in any time signature. Headlining band Up Dharma Down/UDD closed out that night's show with a whole hour's worth of a set, playing a mix of their newer tracks, as well as classic cuts from all of their earlier albums.

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While all this went on, each band made sure to encourage the audience to donate to the following organizations that Don Papa had chosen to support with this concert. All three groups are devoted to helping feed people all over the world., for one, pledges to bring hot meals to frontliners all over Metro Manila, keeping every nurse, doctor, government worker, and everyone else essential battling COVID-19 fed and strong enough to keep up the good work they do.

Going internationally, City Harvest NYC is a food delivery service based in New York City with a goal of bringing food to children previously reliant on getting food from school. It has a team of trucks driving all around the city and delivering hundreds of pounds of food to just as many families every day.

With a similar advocacy, Lingap Maralita has done much the same in Metro Manila, guaranteeing delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables to poor households. It's run by Good Food Community, which for years now supports farmers growing seasonal produce at ethical and ecologically-friendly levels while delivering produce straight from farm to household).

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