Hot Stuff: Past The Dance Challenges, TikTok Serves A Feast For Film Buffs!

Hot Stuff: Past The Dance Challenges, TikTok Serves A Feast For Film Buffs!

Let’s talk about apps that have become emergent in this season of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from Zoom which has become the go-to app for video conferences from work meetings to e-numan sessions, another app that has made a surge of downloads during this quarantine season is, you know it, TikTok.

TikTok has already been the buzz among Gen Z, but home confinement has quickly "forced" people from all other generations to give in to the craze. Thing is, the app isn't just about dubbing funny voice snippets or doing dance challenges. It also offers much more interesting—and, say, intelligent—content if you just dig further!

Looking for more narrative and visually artistic content? Film and art buffs in general might want to look in closely on these TikTok accounts!

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Ed Contreras

Contreras makes use of good old flip book animation. The tedious work that gets into each 15-second (or more) clip is inarguably evident which brings the awe in each and every one of his content. His highest viewed upload is a stickman dancing to the latest craze on TikTok, which is the "Siren Beat."


Roni is back with some dance moves ##dance ##flipbook ##foryou ##fyp

♬ Jawsh 685 | Laxed [SIREN BEAT] - emmapearson033

Maddi Winter

WInter takes dance challenges to a whole new level by adding animation in the form of colorful doodles super-imposed on her dancing videos. She even declares how long it took for her to edit them.

Below is another of her tediously labored content deserving those views, hearts and follows. This particular video has over 15 million views—her 24 hour edit time definitely paid off!


this was HARD but i love it!! especially the loop :) // ( edit time: 24 HOURS🌈✨ ) ##fyp

♬ supalonely x whats my name - rapidsongs

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TJ Black

"CLOUDTALK" came up with a narrative video of him with his family in quarantine as he tries to get them to do dance challenges. It’s longer than the usual TikTok content with over a minute long, but the dialogue coupled with the ensemble performance of the whole family are hilarious, to say the least.

He has since churned up an entire series—reaching part eight that now even includes Jason Derulo himself! Check out the 'first episode" below, which will surely get you checking out the rest!


so basically this is me and my family in quarantine 😐 ##quarantine ##blindinglights ##blindinglightschallenge (her face at the end though)

♬ Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

White Rabbit

It’s basically an account comprising short films of just over a minute each. And dare we say, most of them are quite scary! White Rabbit cleverly makes use of the platform by creating 'real' content that is definitely all fiction—a la Blair Witch Project?

Go check this one clip out—but don't say the sticker at the beginning of the video that says: "I found something super creepy while babysitting" didn't warn you! 



♬ original sound - whiterabbitapp

Parker Locke

Locke takes computer graphic imagery manipulation to greater heights just for TikTok. In this featured video, he incorporates elements of Stranger Things into his flawless and cinematically worthy, background replacements made in post production!


so many stranger things comments on my last post, i thought i’d give a real stranger things edit a try ##strangerthings ##fyp ##xyzbca @noahschnapp

♬ Stranger Things (Main Theme) - I Love TV Themes

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