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In Focus: What Wellness Experts Themselves Do To Cope With COVID-19 Related Stress

In Focus: What Wellness Experts Themselves Do To Cope With COVID-19 Related Stress

When life gets overwhelming (especially in the time of a pandemic), we turn to someone we know and confide in them. For some people, that confidante can be a mentor, a therapist, a life coach, or even a yoga teacher.

However, like us, these confidantes struggle, too—worrying about the pandemic, stressing about responsibilities, trying to keep it altogether, too. They seem to practice well what they preach, though, with some of them sharing the following tried-and-tested tips in stress management in the time of COVID-19.

We can certainly pick up a thing or two!

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Joey Atayde

Joey Atayde: “Yoga and journaling have been helpful in keeping my mental health in check”

Studies have shown that yoga is good for your mental health, as it creates mental clarity and calmness. For Joey Atayde, a dance and movement therapist, practicing yoga and journaling on the side are some of the ways that help her cope with the stress coronavirus has brought about.

During the week, she likes to immerse herself with new brain-exercising activities. "I also recommend assigning each day to a certain activity," she explained. "Let's say Monday can be crafts day, Tuesday can be baking day, Wednesday can be cleaning day and so on. Having at least an hour to move, play and be silly is also helpful—you can dance, play with your pet or just lie on the floor and breathe. Only have a small dose of news and social media each day."

Joey also keeps herself busy by continuously conducting online therapy sessions and support groups. "I feel like these sessions help me as much as it helps others," she said.

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Finally letting the sun shine 💛

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Bettina Jose: “I started to see an upwards trend in my health when I began trying to create a routine for myself"

Bettina Jose, mental health advocate and Spring Philippines co-founder and managing director, admitted that she's still trying to "navigate our new normal." And in times like this where nothing is certain, she would remind herself to acknowledge the situation, and from there, take the necessary steps towards taking better care of herself.

She recommended starting it with a routine. "I started fixing my room and my bed the moment I woke up, took a shower, ate breakfast—these seem like really little things, but it gave me a sense of normalcy. However, I also know how important it is to give myself a pat on the back for even deciding to get up in the morning."

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Kimi Lu: “I meditate and I have created a podcast filled with guided meditations for others to listen to”

Since the ECQ, working patterns have shifted virtually. For Kimi Lu, a licensed certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Life Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, and certified NIA instructor, she has never been more busy in her entire career doing online live workshop sessions with individual and corporate clients. To keep her mental health in check, she revealed, "Mentally, I meditate and I have created a podcast filled with guided meditations for others to listen to. Physically, I walk around our village 5 times a week even just for 30 minutes each time."

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Michelle Calasanz: “I have my cats, supplies and Netflix”

Just as worried about the pandemic herself as everyone else, Michelle Calasanz—Theta Healing & Sacred Activations practitioner and certified Reiki, Millennium Method and Divine Alchemy practitioner—only grew to see things in a bigger picture. "The question that I immediately asked myself is: What is the purpose of this pandemic for me. What am I supposed to learn from this, what am I supposed to see, or feel, or do. Everybody is different. I learned early on what its purpose is for me, which is why you can say I am not affected much anymore."

Since being quarantined, things have remained for the introverted Michelle as she still works from home as a freelancer. "Over the years, I learned how the universe truly has my back, especially since I started my healing journey. So, the fear quickly went away. Thankfully I do still see clients, only this time, online. Plus, I have my cats, supplies, and Netflix. I am doing quite well."

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