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Cheat Sheet: Cut Your Bangs Without Ruining It—Like A Pro!

Cheat Sheet: Cut Your Bangs Without Ruining It—Like A Pro!

Limited by the enhanced community quarantine, you've finally decided to take your grooming problems into your hands. You've cut your hair and you've given yourself a mani-pedi, now what? If you're thinking of cutting your bangs, well, no one's stopping you—as long as you're careful.

Celebrity hairstylist Jing Monis stresses, "Doing bangs at home is a little bit risky." But if you really do want to try it at home, he says to do it in front of a big mirror "to see your full hair length. Don't hesitate to cut your hair because it will go back to its original length once quarantine is over."

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Jing—whose clientele includes Janella Salvador—recommends having the right tools (scissors, cape/towel, mirror, and comb) before cutting your bangs. He has these steps to follow once you're ready:

  1. Know your face shape and choose a style. Is it round, oval, heart or etc.? "There are specific bangs that will suits a specific face shape. This is important to know so you can wear the bangs properly," says Jing. Choose from either full bangs, curtain bangs, side bangs, or any bangs.
  2. Section your hair. "Section the hair on top of your head into triangle or pyramid. This will be your starting point on cutting your bangs."
  3. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair.
  4. Start trimming. "Pull out the triangle section of your hair in front of your head and flip your hair upward and start trimming."
  5. Don't cut your bangs too short! As Jing's additional tip, just cut your bangs first below your eyebrows. Check the length then adjust it if needed.

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