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Cheat Sheet: How To Cut Your Own Hair The Right Way By Jing Monis

Cheat Sheet: How To Cut Your Own Hair The Right Way By Jing Monis

Haircare—or proper grooming, in general—is an issue that should be focused on, too, more so during a health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. "Health is our wealth. And for us to stay being healthy, a little of home exercise, drinking a lot of water, and a peaceful mind will help us," agrees celebrity hairstylist Jing Monis of Jing Monis Salon. "Proper grooming and hygiene are few of the factors we need to prioritize. It is important even though we are just staying at home."

But with non-essential businesses like salons closed due to the quarantine, maintaining haircare has become a challenge. But fear not—while hairstyling is a job usually left to the professionals, a lot of other hair worries can be easily fixed right at home.

In need to cut your split ends or get a neat trim? Jing has these styling reminders when tweaking our crown!

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What you need:

  • Scissors ("If you don't have a hair cutting scissors you may use kitchen scissors. Don't use paper scissors.")
  • Cutting cape (This will cover your whole body from the hair that will fall from your head. If you do not have a cutting cape at home, you may use a towel or any cloth that will wrap you around like an armor. There are people allergic to hair and thus have sensitive skin—cutting cape will prove crucial to them!)
  • Mirror
  • Comb ("You may use any comb that you think will help, but if you have those tiny tooth cutting comb, that will be better.")
  • Razor (For men who are planning to shave their hair)

Basic steps:

1. Decide on your hairstyle. "Make a concrete decision on what type of hair cut you would like to achieve—may it be a skinhead, layer, bob cut, or bangs." Jing, however, adds, "Never ever do a layer haircut at home. Why? Once you decided to get a professional haircut at the salon, the hairdresser will have a hard time to fix your hair." Jing has the following helpful vlog to help choose a hairstyle that'll perfectly match your face shape.

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2. Rinse your hair with shampoo. Although, Jing advises, "Don't dry it that much because the hair needed to be wet a little. Why? Once it is wet, you will be able to see your original hair length and it is easy to section it for you to cut your hair easily."

3. Section your hair. It's like having an outline to help guide you through this venture. Section it in the bottom, middle, left, and right sides as you gradually cut your hair.

4. Start cutting at the bottom. Cut it in the length that you want it to be. Once you've decided that if it's the right length, continue cutting at the middle, followed by the left and right sides.

5. Use a hair dryer. 

If you're just trimming your split ends, Jing advises doing so without wetting your hair. "Section your hair. From that, you may pull your hair from top to the ends. Then, flip the ends of your hair and start trimming. Make sure that you'll trim small inches of your hair first and then once you think it is the perfect length or you removed all the split ends, you may do it to the next section and so on."

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