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Now Showing: Binge-Worthy Shows That Will Uplift Your Soul During Crisis

Now Showing: Binge-Worthy Shows That Will Uplift Your Soul During Crisis

The "quarantimes" have forced most of us at home to binge-watch with suddenly so much time in our hands—well, except for those whose work-from-home scenario has made cabin confinement more toxic. Sure, there are the usual bandwagon suspects like Crash Landing On You (CLOY) and the latest season of Kingdom, but for those of us whose anxiety levels are already heightened due to the COVID-19 threat, watching something else might be recommended.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of likewise binge-worthy series that will hopefully uplift your spirits and take your mind off your worries! All these top rate entertainment stuff can be streamed via iWant, Netflix, and other streaming platforms!

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It’s quite unfortunate that Prince Charles has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, but as we all pray for his good health and full recovery, it has also shed light on one of the best Netflix-produced series in recent memory: The Crown. The show gives us a dramaticized glimpse of the life of Queen Elizabeth II—the monarch who presently still holds the crown. What's fascinating with this series is how it humanizes the royal family, providing viewers with an engaging story arc based on real life events of the monarchy. It’s an assuredly entertaining way of learning Great Britain's history through an epic dramatization of the royal family’s personal lives. The center of this series? The bearing and gravity of, well, the crown.

Following two Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank installments, the third in the series turns out to be a miniseries rather than a film. It is one of iWant's first offerings, still with the original writer-director team of Chris Martinez and Marlon Rivera at the helm. Consisting of seven episodes of 20-30 minutes each, the movie is unequivocally the best so far in this franchise according to critics. This mockumentary of a material on independent filmmaking—with Eugene Domingo starring as a larger-than-life version of herself—pokes fun at industry practices and sheds light into its inside jokes. Part three, subtitled as The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken, features Domingo as Direk Euge apparently foraying into film direction. The catch: Euge also wants to play the lead role of Josephine Bracken, who is a Caucasian female. With a very special role for Direk Joey Reyes, again as himself, all hell and riot breaks loose just within the pilot episode—with the momentum building up as you go along. This viewing experience is a perfect, laughter-inducing escape during these crazy times.     

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The Good Place on Netflix is a relevant comedy for recommended viewing especially during times when people are getting into existential thoughts. The show’s lead character Eleanor Shellstrop (played by the adorably feisty, Kristen Bell) ends up in utopia-like 'The Good Place' despite being an admittedly bad person. Eleanor's friendship with the other residents somewhat influences her into being a better one, with the show's proposition now at "When is it too late for people to change?" The humor is very Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine 'cause of the show’s creator Michael Schur, but set on a whimsical Stepford-ish community. The show is a great way of learning ethics and philosophy while watching at LOL mode.

Award-winning writer-director Dwein Baltazar has a few gems on IWant, showing how she has successfully shifted to mainstream sensibilities with her series filmography. Some (binge-worthy) titles supporting this statement:  I Am U; Past, Present, Perfect; and, with the author's emphasis, Uncoupling. Starring Yam Concepcion and Joseph Marco, Uncoupling is a quirky story of a seemingly normal married couple but are on the verge of separation for real. In a very light and relatable tonality, it illustrates how this affects the people around them and how Concepcion as Alex learns about self-love and independence along the way. It's also a great way to honor a fallen brother to the COVID-19 virus—Menggie Cobarrubias—who stars in this series as the father of Marco's character.

If you’re a CLOY fan, then you might want to check out Something In The Rain, another Netflix K-drama. It stars Ye-jin Son (who plays Se-Ri Yoon in CLOY) in a May-December love affair with Hae-In Jung. The series shows the actress' dramatic range, proving she's no one-trick-pony in the craft. Something In The Rain is particularly enjoyable for its tone—not your usual KDrama, which is usually over-the-top and too good to be true. Well, it still is a fairy tale love story of sorts, with a style of storytelling that's definitely much closer to reality!

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