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Cheat Sheet: Liza Soberano-Inspired Style Equations to Master this New Year

Cheat Sheet: Liza Soberano-Inspired Style Equations to Master this New Year

Liza Soberano may have preferred to keep her 18th birthday celebration low-key, but the special people in her life had a different idea: They surprised her with a bohemian-themed beachside party last night to ring in her birthday! Everything was uber hippie chic, but we’re crazy about the young star’s Coachella-inspired ensemble—it’s definitely something even us can wear to all those summer concerts and festivals.

This is just one aspect of Liza’s multi-dimensional stylish self, though, and we got to talk to her personal stylist, Perry Tabora, who listed Liza’s fashion penchants. We give you a rundown of the style equations that will help you imbibe this beauty's chicness, or to simply upgrade your look this new year (there are definitely some important style lessons we can learn from her):

Model off-duty + fun life in the city. Perry describes Liza’s style as very laidback, cool, and modern. “Think model off-duty who's out and about in the city,” he notes. Liza’s style icons include Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, both of whom she recently channeled, with Perry’s help, for her ASAP 20 performances.


Loose top + tattered jeans + sneakers. These pieces make for the perfect comfy casual looks, a great breather from Liza’s being all dolled up when she’s at work. This combo that oozes effortless cool totally works on anyone because it’s low-maintenance. Liza is also into turtleneck tops, sweaters, shorts, and slip on shoes, all of which can easily be mixed and matched.


Surprise element/silhouette/detail + minimal accessories. “For ASAP guestings or press events, she likes to keep it casual and age-appropriate, but still have that unexpected edgy element,” shares Perry. “For this, she would usually wear an A-line skirt paired with turtleneck tops. Wearing wide-leg pants and fitted skirts in solid colors with minimal details is also a great way to achieve this look.”


Kimono cover up + tattered shorts + sandals. Yes, just like her outfit for her boho-themed surprise 18th birthday party, jazzed up with a flower crown and other vintage accessories (below: A photo Perry posted on his Instagram account today, with a sweet greeting for the debutante).


Classic design + solid colors. Simple and understated are what comprise Liza’s formal fashion game. “This focus on classic, simple elements ironically will help the look stand out from the rest as per the fashion saying goes 'less is more',” notes Perry. At the 9th Star Magic Ball, for instance, she opted for just subtle jewelry pieces to complement her sweet blush ball gown by Michael Cinco. For other events, Perry usually picks out solid-colored pieces that put Liza's natural beauty front and center (case in point: the royal blue gown she donned at the 29th PMPC Star Awards for Television).


Denim/Leather/Neutrals. Yes it’s not a style equation, but these are Liza’s all-time favorite wardrobe essentials. “When she's out and about, she likes to wear anything that is denim or leather. She also likes neutral-colored clothing,” adds Perry.


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