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Fitness Inspo: Keep Fit At Home Like Your Fave Celebs!

Fitness Inspo: Keep Fit At Home Like Your Fave Celebs!

We know a lot of us (celebrities included) have been looking for more ways to keep ourselves preoccupied these days. While some are getting into TikTok, other stars have also made sure to get some home workouts going.

From Solenn Heussaff who is trying to regain muscle strength post-pregnancy, to Joey Mead King sending positive energy and healing through meditation and Lovi Poe's low-impact leg workout, get some fitness motivation from these celebs and influencers to keep yourselves busy (and healthy) at home while on quarantine.

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Lovi Poe

Want abs like our fitspo Lovi Poe? On some days, she likes to go to the gym, on other days Lovi likes to lengthen and strengthen with pilates. She has also been posting #LoviYourBody workouts on her Instagram stories for everyone to try!

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Doing a home workout composed of glute leg lifts, fire hydrant, and kickback. Be proud of me @coachinigo! ♥️ #LoviYourBody

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Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero

You'll be amazed by this hot couple's healthy lifestyle—they work out together, do juicing together, and take holistic wellness retreats together. Actors and fitness enthusiasts Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero vowed that this 2020, they'll stay healthy and do more workouts together—and that includes doing Lockdown Workouts on Instagram to share with everybody.

Solenn Heussaff

She does Muay Thai, arnis, yoga, pole dancing, and HIIT workouts—what else can't Solenn Heussaff do? In her latest Instagram post, Solenn shared a video of herself doing a quick workout that's good for moms who are in their postpartum period.

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To my Postpartum peops, heres a quick workout you can do. Of course listen to your body and avoid certain movements if you feel pain ( ask your OB). Im C- Section 2 1/2 months postpartum. Have started walking uphill at 2 months 3 times a week, and now started slowly working out to regain muscle strength. Thank you @coachinigo for the LDR workout tips :) Exercise | Reps | Sets •Glute Bridges with Hip Abduction | 15-20 | 3 •Glute Bridged with Hip Adduction (use a ball or pillow and squeeze) | 15-20 | 3 •Wallsit with Dumbell lateral raises | 20 seconds | 2 •Wallsit with dumbell curls | 20 seconds | 2 •Banded Clams | 20-25 | 3 •Bodyweight squats (sumo stance) | 10-15 | 3 •Bird-dog (You could increase difficulty by holding a very light weight with your outstretched arm) | 20 seconds | 3 #HotSosFitnessClub #RoadToMe

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Vin Abrenica

Get inspired by actor Vin Abrenica's drive and resourcefulness to work out at home despite the lockdown. This hottie has been using water gallon refills as equipment and blessing our feeds with topless videos of himself doing cardio and high intensity workout out under the sun.

Bubbles Paraiso

For actress, model, triathlete and yoga teacher Bubbles Paraiso, her goal is not to look good, but to become stronger. "Now, all of my training is all for performance, for function, for wanting to be fast and strong," she said in an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle. Because of the community quarantine, Bubbles has turned her living room into a gym and has been teaching yoga classes online on Beyond Yoga's Facebook page, with WOD clips on her Instagram.

Joey Mead-King

Model and events host Joey Mead King is a big energy, crystal, holistic, and meditation enthusiast. Every morning, she meditates and works out, and posts inspirational quotes on some days, too! Today, she shared a mini-meditation video on Instagram.

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Sharing a Golden light & love guided meditation. Let us combine positive energy for self healing & share is back to Gaia and ones we care for💓

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Sara Black

Get all the positive vibes you need from photographer and Meditation & Radiant Energy Coach Sara Black. Sara invites everyone to "be responsible for our own state of calm and flow through this together" by offering online meditation courses at Live Awake Philippines and through her own Instagram account. She's also looking for ways on how to reach hospitals and front liner groups so she could offer them online meditation courses for free. "They will be tired and definitely prone to picking up bugs. Meditation can help them get deep rest and strengthen immunity," she wrote.

Sam Ajdani

For model, influencer, and HIIT Certified Coach Sam Ajdani, there's no time for excuses. He wrote, "Give your health and body the attention it deserves. No excuses. If we can't change all those negative habits instantly the least we can do is to develop the positive habit of staying physically active. It only takes a small fraction of your day." During this time, he has uploaded a series of home workout videos that doesn't require any equipment.

Vince Velasco

The super energetic #VinceVentures host, Flyweight and BARE Manila coach Vince Velasco believes that "Not all workouts have to last long and they don’t have to be fancy. They can involve just basic movements, quality reps and a good pace," he wrote in an Instagram post. Just recently, he heeded his followers' requests of easier, more low-maintenance workout videos.

Hideo and Fatima Muraoka

Hunky model and founder of Movement Tribe Hideo Muraoka believes that being healthy means having the energy to spend quality time with family. In an Instagram post, he said, "My personal goals for 2020 is not focus on looks or (six-pack) but to find the perfect (balance) on strength, flexibility, mobility, and speed to compete in Jiu Jitsu and most important to increase my energy over all. So I can produce more, have quality time with my kids and wife, longevity, clarity, awareness. and mindfulness." He has now been been uploading home body workouts on Instagram and Hideo's YouTube channel together with his wife Fatima Rabago-Muraoka.

Lexi Gancayco

Despite having spondylosis, or the degenerative changes in the spine such as bone spurs and degenerating intervertebral discs between the vertebrae, Electric Studio and The Movement Studio instructor Lexi Gancayco is still managing to get her workouts done to keep herself fit and healthy. During the quarantine, she has uploaded mini workout videos on her IGTV. 

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