Cheat Sheet: Easy Bedroom Makeover Tips To Remember

Cheat Sheet: Easy Bedroom Makeover Tips To Remember

We’re currently on our eighth day of quarantine brought about by the coronavirus outbreak. Apart from checking the news, praying for those who have contracted the disease, and offering a helping hand to our modern-day heroes who are among the frontliners in the fight against COVID-19, how else can you make the most out of this time? Here’s an idea: give your bedroom a fresh new look!

ABS-CBN Lifestyle has put together a list of some tips that can help you amp up your space, courtesy of design manager Anna Rosete. At present, Rosete (a Rhode Island School of Design Interior Design masters degree holder) is the home and living editor of Metro.Style, executive editor of Metro Home and Entertaining, and a design consultant for various retail and residential projects.

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Photo by Sonnie Hiles via Unsplash
Photo by Sonnie Hiles via Unsplash

Consider rearranging the furniture

It's a tip easier than done. The trick is to not add more furniture to your space by making sure you maximize what you already have. The new look can be magic, shared Rosete. “For example, changing the position of your bed alone can yield dramatic results."

Change your sheets

Since bed sheets take up a lot of visual space in a room, Rosete said going for a different pattern or color can already upgrade its look and have a big effect on the space.

Add a pillowscape

It's all about mix-and-match, stressed Rosete. “Introducing accent cushions, a bolster, and perhaps a breakfast pillow in coordinating prints and colors with your sheets will change the room and will make it look pleasantly comfortable."

Photo by Khloe Arledge via Unsplash
Photo by Khloe Arledge via Unsplash

Change the window treatments

Rosete advised to do this seasonally, “Usually, there are changes in coordination with the sheets and pillow covers. As a whole, a room’s soft décor will make it look cozier."

Add some art to your room

It could be abstract paintings, landscape photography, paintings, or still life, said Rosete. “Portraits or figurative art also enhance the personality of a bedroom."

Photo by Georgiana Sparks via Unsplash
Photo by Georgiana Sparks via Unsplash

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