Hot Stuff: This Pinoy Helped Build An App For A More Personal Home Workout Experience!

Hot Stuff: This Pinoy Helped Build An App For A More Personal Home Workout Experience!

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic followed by the temporary closures of gyms across the world, California-based Filipino Kit Guerra hopes to instill the importance of exercise even more. Just recently, Kit—a Crossfit level 1 trainer, World rugby strength and conditioning coach, NASM certified personal trainer, and GNC Philippines ambassador—helped launch an app connecting anyone from their homes to elite fitness coaches for a one-on-one, personalized workout.

"People see staying at home as one of the safest ways to protect themselves from the coronavirus or any virus for that fact. But it should not end there," declares Kit, taking on the app's digital marketing lead along with four others who are part of the core. "Your health amid the pandemic should start with a strong mind and body. You shouldn't just be on 'Netflix and chill' mode. You should learn to stay healthy and active outside of the traditional gym."

"Fun fact: Working out builds immunity and white blood cells, helping get rid of radicals."

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Ready on App Store and Google Play, the app is named Flight. While the trend of online coaching is not necessarily new, Flight boasts itself of two things. First, the coaches lined up are of top caliber—imagine national champion bodybuilders, celebrity yoga actors, and fitness authors and injury recovery experts to pro athletes talking to you straight about your health goals and achieving it en route. Secondly, the sessions cater to just about anyone in the world.

"The power of digital is we can do it anytime anywhere. We have a good stable of trainers," says Kit.

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Signing up on the app is pretty simple. You log in with your information and payment details, you choose between picking a trainer or letting the app select for you according to your fitness goals, you pinpoint a schedule. (Those whose first time it is on the app automatically get two free sessions!) Scheduling is encouraged a week before, but you can still do so even on the day itself. Conflicts in timezones are all managed in app.

The workout types follow a wide range—from the basic to the specialized, from resistance and flexibility to strength and conditioning—and more. The length of each session? Just 30 "short and sweet" minutes, although you can opt for more than one session in a row, Kit advises.

Flight basically works with what you have at home—so the idea of having no ready equipment shouldn't be as bothersome. "We will do it in the comforts of your room. So, whatever you have at home: yoga mat, straps, or a full gym setup, and I will even work out with you!" says Kit, an advertising agent during the day in Downtown, San Francisco, who's also a trainer on the app. "We will do out best to effectively maximize the session. Yes, including body weight programs!"

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For this month’s #workoutwednesday, we are introducing new moves to up your mobility, flexibility, and mind-body connection. This month, we will focus on a body weight movement called the bird-dog. Each week, we will add something new to the table to further challenge you ;). . . The Bird-Dog Progression (4 of 4) is an advanced movement but by completing this, you’ll have the best awareness of your body. . . On your knees, with your hands planted on the floor, keep your back in a table top position (nice and flat). Slowly raise your right arm towards the wall in front of you. At the same time, raise your left leg to point at the wall behind you. In a controlled motion, bring both your right arm and left leg back but instead of bringing them to the ground, make sure the right arm’s elbow and left leg’s knee touch. After they touch, extend them again but this time extend your arm to the wall to your right with your leg extending to the left wall but that’s not all. With your arm and leg extended rotate them to face the wall in front and behind you.. Try this for 6 reps before switching to the other side. Complete a total of 2 sets. .. . You owned this workout! Good job!

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The warm up to a workout is just as important as the actual workout. Without getting our body’s ready for physical activity, we run the risk of injury; torn ligaments, sprains, and even the dreaded hernia. On #workoutwednesday, we want to challenge you by trying out simple exercises that can be done at home or on the go. This week, we are progressing to another variation. Its a surefire way to achieve a deeper activation in your legs and curb tightness on different sides of your back. . . . Let’s have a look at the staggered good morning (Progression 3 of 4). . . In a standing position, position your feet in a staggered stance - as if you were about to run a race. Next, by keeping your back straight, slowly bring your hips back. Stop at the point where your knees are slightly bent and you can feel the stretch on your hamstrings. Return to the standing position. . . Now repeat this for a total of 3 sets of 8. . . You can learn more from our Nationally-certified personal trainers on the Flight app. Book your free training session where you can get the benefits of working with a PT from the convenience of your home. Anytime and anywhere.

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Flight especially banners the edge of customized workout programs as, cliché as it goes, people come in different shapes and sizes. "We're proposing the solution to these cookie cutter programs. Every person is unique and we at Flight aim to provide you the program that's for you," Kit vows.

All said, in these difficult times, Kit says it's really a matter of keeping watch of your health and fitness in any way possible. "People always find excuses for never making it to the gym, There are some things we find excuses for not ensuring out fitness like traffic and our lifestyle. We have to find a solution that allows us to stay active," he says, before recommending, "To stay healthy, we need to have 150 minutes or two and a half hours every week of moderate exercise."

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