Industrial Trends Bring Endless Possibilities

Industrial Trends Bring Endless Possibilities

It’s more than just minimalism in terms of design nowadays.

For 2015, everyone, including Filipinos, have begun exploring a more industrial, rawer type of not just in their homes, but also when it comes to business establishments. One can notice the use of industrial elements nowadays through DIY projects.

“I think we have passed the purely minimalist stage,” industrial designer Joseph Rastrullo said, noting that people nowadays are learning new design elements that can guide them in designing homes and establishments.

This trend towards an industrial and raw finish, for Joseph, cannot be considered a total hit or miss. Instead, he would consider this an evolving taste on the consumer side. “You can see the market growing, which is better for the long term,” Joseph exclaims.

One does not need to look far: Coffee shops like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, EDSA Beverage Design Group, and TWG Tea, and a few office spaces along Metro Manila have embraced industrial elements, as evidenced by the exposed piping along the establishments' ceilings and the abundance of hanging light fixtures, with the latter also being used in homes nowadays.

Aside from being good for the market, the industrial trend in designing homes and establishments does have benefits for everyone. For starters, this approach pushes people to think creatively when it comes to unused and unwanted materials at home, giving many items a new lease on life.

In fact, vintage pieces, specifically décors and room accessories, have become in demand now more than ever, as such items add character to one’s room. Thrift shopping for home decorations will be more fun thanks to this growing trend. “They really set up the soul of the space,” Joseph notes, citing that interior designers do play a role in making people appreciate design more nowadays.

Another good thing with this growing trend? It’s no longer limited to a specific aesthetic; instead, designers nowadays would combine the best elements from various design ideas worldwide. An example? A fusion of Scandinavian, Ikea-inspired design with a touch of classical elements.

Through combining different design elements, interior designers help their clients not just in achieving their client’s goals, but also in providing them with a space that perfectly blends form and function while being potentially iconic at the same time.

So how will 2016 be played out by designers? “[It will really be about] adding more artistry to our designs... we would be releasing more artistic pieces that are functional, too,” said Joseph.


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