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New Year Fitness Jumpstart: Get that Body Movin’

New Year Fitness Jumpstart: Get that Body Movin’

Done are the days of overeating. Enough with all the holiday binge-ing.

Magda-diet na ‘ko! Mag-e-exercise na ‘ko!

After all the ham, queso de bola, lechon, fruitcake, and leche flan we've enjoyed for days on end during the holidays, it's really no wonder why getting fit is one of the most famous New Year’s resolutions we promise ourselves, next to “Magpapakabait na ko’. Even if we know that in reality, they hardly last a quarter, we still make resolutions in our quest to have leaner, more toned physiques... hopefully in time for bikini season.

To help you set realistic fitness resolutions this 2016 we interviewed Dexter Pulido, senior coach at 360 Fitness Club, who shared practical and effective ways to have a better body and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle, no matter what your exercise tolerance and food preferences are,

For starters, Dex warns against several diet practices that seem to work instantly but may actually be harmful in the long run. For example, a high-protein, low carb diet can help in weight loss but when not sustained, which normally happens, may lead a person to go back to his/her old eating habits, therefore increasing body weight even more. Another one is performing a high intensity workout without prior exercise background which may lead to injury.

Avoid getting trapped in that instant weight loss bubble and check out Dex's recommended workout routines fit for every personality:

FOR THE NEWBIE - You may be that someone who was inspired by that hot celebrity you saw on TV (Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, perhaps?) or someone who's tired of all the panlalait you're getting, or simply someone who just realized you wanted to start a healthier lifestyle. Try the quick 15-minute circuit workout. It is a combination of different exercises using skip rope/jumping rope, dumbbells, and core. It will help you develop strength and endurance as you start with your fitness goals. And if you want to give up, remember your motivations. They’ll keep you going.


FOR THE COUCH POTATO - You have been in your comfort zone for who-knows-how-long. You've already been binge-watching your favorite series and movies since forever, armed with so much food to make the experience even better so, of course, you've alarmingly gained body weight. Or maybe, you're one who feels that your body has decreased its immunity and performance because you're not able to do the same amount of physical activity as before. Good job, girl, because you are stepping up to the challenge!

You can try functional activities such as squats, step ups, push ups, and planks. These will not only make you perspire and keep your heart rate up but also let you enjoy working out. Then you will be able to see small improvements every session.


FOR THE BUSY MOM - It's really hard to juggle taking care of the kids, doing those household chores, and at the same time having a corporate job or running a business. But you can be healthy despite that hectic schedule! Some workouts you can do in a short span of time are kettlebell workouts such as swing and lunges and Zumba are not just enjoyable ways to burn calories but also a way to build friendships with others. You may also try cardio kickboxing or dumbbell circuits to burn more calories.


FOR THE NOT-SO-HEALTHY EATER - Either you don’t eat veggies that much or don’t eat veggies at all. Maybe fastfood places are your favorite hangouts? Or you just can’t last a day without colored drinks, perhaps... and you think you are okay with that kind of lifestyle because you don’t get really sick often. But this year is different and you want to have a new you.

But the focus must be not be on the exercises first but on changing your habit to choosing healthy food. Fitness coach Dexter Pulido says you can start by being educated on the wide array of food spectrum that you can choose from. For example, instead of french fries, you can eat kamote fries which is a healthier option. If you want chicken, better is roasted than fried.

A healthy body doesn’t solely depend on exercise but on your lifestyle as whole, that includes your choice of food.



FOR THE "I CHOOSE HEALTHY" FOODIE - Because you already eat healthy food, whether you have no choice because that’s what is frequently served or you really know the benefits eating the right amount and kind of food, you are a step closer to that fit and healthy body. You can just choose any challenging activity or routine, better if it's one that's advised by a health and fitness instructor, and you will enjoy and sustain over time.


To help you more with your goal, here are five realistic fitness resolutions:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables than bread, rice, pasta, and junk.

2. Write down your fitness goal, tell it to your friends, and let them know the progress (Remember, focus on one habit at a time!)

3. Squeeze in a quick 20-40 minute workout, 2-3 times  a week.

4. Hang out with healthy, fit, and fun friends who can help you be accountable and motivate you to eat healthy and workout (you are the average of the five people you regularly hang out with)

5. Drink more water and drop the colored drinks (except for tea)


Switching to a healthier lifestyle takes a lot of determination and discipline. But if you really want to achieve a new and healthier you this year, keep moving and keep that motivation going!


Photographs from the 360 Fitness Facebook page and Instagram account




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