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How To Look Cool for School Without Getting Into Trouble

How To Look Cool for School Without Getting Into Trouble

While it can be confusing and tedious to navigate the world of school style because of so many rules (no skirts that are too short, no vulgar statement tees, nothing too informal, the list goes on), there’s no reason for you to just let go and forget about looking well put-together and presentable. We run down this season’s top trends for all you students—and guess what? Even your favorite teen stars love them: 

Pink. Best for: Guys and girls. Why it’s hot: It’s smart, cheerful, and polished—three characteristics you want to project in class. Anything too dark will make you look too gloomy and boring, while pastel shades can be deemed too relaxed. Both guys and girls can’t go wrong with pink: For guys, channel Nash and go for a masculine polo with pink accents (in his case, stripes) and pair with your jeans or pants of choice—easy right? It’s also sky’s the limit for girls when it comes to options for this hue, but take care to not go overboard so you won’t look too young: Try an understated pink dress like Alexa's.

Fun prints. Best for: Girls. Why it’s hot: Prints make you stand out anywhere—just remember our cardinal rule: Choose prints in the same color family, or complementary-colored ones and wear prints sparingly because you’re still off to school and not to a party. A coordinated top and bottom or one-piece suit like Janella Salvador’s is smart and easy to pull off (pair with neutral-colored accessories to keep the attention on your prints), while Sofia Andres’ solid-colored top and printed trousers combination redefine school girl style (enough of those printed skater skirts, please)—though do skip the heels for school; ballet flats are an equally classy alternative.

Layering. Best for: Guys. Why it’s hot: Because it’s the rainy season! But more than that, layering shows that you actually made an extra effort into looking presentable instead of just throwing on your usual jeans and shirt (a cardigan or jacket makes a world of difference). And when you’re more presentable, you’ll look more responsible. Case in point: Gimme 5’s Joaquin Reyes—good boy looks + good boy outfits = class standout.

White and Denim. Best for: Both boys and girls. Why it’s hot: The ultimate combination that’s perfect for days when you just don’t have the time to put together an outfit (pulled an all-nighter, perhaps?). It looks good on anyone and everyone—whether you’ll opt for a casual take like Jane Oineza, or a crisper ensemble (white polo, dark denim for men), you’ll be school-ready.


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