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Cheat Sheet: How to Prepare for a Dance Audition

Cheat Sheet: How to Prepare for a Dance Audition


Whether they're auditioning for a starring role in a short dance play or snagging a spot in a professional dance team, every dancer's dream always led them to an audition. While most dancers are unbelievably talented, not every dancer gets a chance to move and groove well enough in front of a panel of judges. It's because auditions can be somewhat terrifying, especially if it's your first time, and this is something 21-year-old dancer Mich Rosales knows very well!

According to her, she has been dancing her whole life, but she still gets nervous whenever she prepares for a dance audition. Fortunately, it's something she handles very well now since she already knows how to prepare. It even gives her a feeling of excitement, too! That's why when she auditioned for a dance group called A-Team recently, she succeeded and became a part of the top 21 who got in the team out of all the 78 dancers who tried out!

If you want to be successful in dance auditions like her, this is how Mich prepared for it. 

1. Look for the right song.

Before she begins any preparation for an audition, the first thing she always does is look for the perfect song. "The song should fit my dance capabilities, so I can be more comfortable when I dance in front of a ton of people. It was challenging to look for one every time because the song I would choose, I should be able to match its every beat and lyric to the choreography I'd produce."  

2. Practice regularly to internalize.

No matter how confident you are with your dance skills, practice is a must. "When I practice, I always make sure that I internalize the music with my choreography over and over again until I master every step. It matters because, sometimes, you might feel distracted or uncomfortable because of sudden stage fright while you're dancing. But when you internalized a lot, your muscle memory will do the job for you."

3. Become a stronger dancer by working out.

Strengthening your core by working out is a must when it comes to preparing, so you can get through a lengthy audition, and be physically and mentally in good shape. "Warm-ups, a couple of drills, and cardio, I do these workouts before I practice my choreography every day. It's because working out is necessary to make my body prepared for any extreme movements I'll be needing for the choreography. At the same time, it makes my movements look more powerful and defined." 

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4. Learn how to balance your priorities.

As a dancer and full-time Content Producer of Star Cinema, it has been a struggle for Mich to find a balance to do two things all at once. But it's all about time management. "I had to learn how to manage my time, find a comfortable space to train, and practice. Once my working hours are over, even if my friends would invite me out for dinner or whatsoever, I prioritized practicing my audition piece. Even when I was a full-time student, I knew that if there's a dance audition nearing, I can't waste any time." 

5. Stay positive.

If you begin to feel nervous, try your best to remain positive and channel your nerves into energy when you start dancing. "Honestly, during the audition day, I was both nervous and excited. But I don't want to fail and disappoint the people who believed in me, so I had let the excitement take over me and did my best to perform with full confidence to get in A-Team! It's because knowing that I am auditioning for my dream dance group, I know I already crossed off one of the things in my bucket list."

It takes a lot to prepare for a dance audition, but the more you go through the process, the more it improves over time. At the end of the day, we all have our timing. If you didn't get in your first dance audition, stay confident and try again next time. Believe us that once you start having faith in yourself like Mich, you’ll get the victory you truly deserve! 

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