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In Focus: 4 Life Lessons that Donating & Volunteering During a Calamity Teach Us

In Focus: 4 Life Lessons that Donating & Volunteering During a Calamity Teach Us


The recent Taal calamity, which has been going on for weeks now, has severely affected thousands of lives—from families and individuals who lost their homes and livelihood, to the poor animals who were also pulled out of their shelters. Despite this sad reality, there remains to be a silver lining that captured everyone’s attention: the joint efforts of each and everyone in reaching out to those who are in need was clearly evident, as the traffic on the way to the evacuation areas exponentially doubled during the past weekends.

Aside from this, there are also life lessons that being a volunteer or donating during a calamity teach us:

1. People have different priorities, and that’s okay.

If you’re one of the many people who got so much eagerness in them to help and who actually does something to do so, then thank you very much for extending a hand. And while encouraging others to do the same is advisable, other people are unable to, not because they don’t want to, but sometimes it is a result of having different priorities. We should always keep this in mind, because that’s okay.

2. Your little efforts definitely go a long way.

Being an average person may sometimes become a reason for us to think that the amount of help we can give won’t matter at all. It may be a few packs of goods we bought with a portion of our allowance or even dedicating a portion of our day to volunteering, and whatever it may be, remember that they all count.  So no matter how little you think your efforts are, as long as they came from the heart, all your help definitely goes a long way.

3. The Bayanihan spirit is very alive.

One of the most popular traits of the Filipino culture is Bayanihan, a term used to describe how communities work together and help each other to achieve a common goal. Although Bayanihan is considered to be a traditional characteristic, most often encountered from our history lessons, we all realize how this kind of spirit is very much alive among us Filipinos. We see how everyone is very much willing to go out of their way to help, not only in good times, but most especially during the toughest of times.

4. When you share, you actually gain so much more.

One important, yet the most overlooked, lesson we can get from donating or being a volunteer is that sharing a part of ourselves with others always lead us to gaining so much more. This kind of experience actually lets us gain a much better perspective A.K.A. having more and deeper appreciation for life. You’re not just giving the calamity victims something by donating or volunteering, this act also becomes a gift to yourself.

What other lessons did you learn from donating and being a volunteer? Share them in the comments section below!

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