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In Focus: 5 Signs You're Giving Too Much in a Relationship

In Focus: 5 Signs You're Giving Too Much in a Relationship


In a relationship, we always want to be appreciated. And in order to do that, we give them everything, we make adjustments as much as we can, and we put too much effort. More often than not, we become fools for love.

Well, we suggest you stop being that person. It's not fair nor healthy for you and your partner. For one, it'll just grant them the excuse to take advantage of the situation and let you put up with their needs alone. Also, it will, in a way, hold you back from realizing what's really wrong in your relationship. Enough is enough. Save your love from being one-way, and here are some signs that it's becoming one:

You're losing yourself.

Since the first time you knew him, you've not been yourself. Probably because you don't share the same interests and in your desire to make your bond closer and stronger, you change yourself and become the person he wants you to be. That's common when we're in love, but as far as we know, we only do that to improve not to be a completely different person.

You start neglecting your friends.

When we enter a relationship and become so invested in it, we tend to forget our relationship with other people—even those we've known for forever even before your beau came to your life. We know we said bonds do not depend on how long it has been but to make it clear: Friends and boyfriends are different. You both let them in your life so you take responsibiliy and make time for both parties. That's what true love does.

You're giving up your dreams.

In the process, we get clingy and involved in our partner's life in general to the point that it overtakes what were supposed to be our priorities: Our own dreams. What happens is that he wants to take this course, you take that course; He wants to transfer school, you transfer school. Slowly, we lose sight of what we aspire for ourselves because he's turning into only goal. Well, it's okay to wish for someone to be with forever, but we hope that someone will also be there to achieve your dreams with you, not only his.

You can't say no.

You always give your best to make him happy. He asks permission for something that'll obviously not be fair on your part, but you will still say 'yes' because you believe that's what he wants to hear, and, again, you want to be seen as the best girlfriend. Just a reminder, relationships are not a talent show. You don't need to prove him anything. What he needs is to respect you and your boundaries the same you respect his. And what you need to do is to be honest.  

You're feeling tired.

There's no way you won't be able to acknowledge the imbalance in the relationship. Or even just the emotional stress deep inside of you because you're the only one giving and giving. If that's how you feel then maybe you can take this opprotunity to take a rest and leave him with the chance to work on your relationship and fix the problem. If he still won't, then maybe he's not worth it.

Relationships aren't 100% perfect all the time, that's why it requires an amount of effort between the two people involved, and anyone who has been in one, we believe, can agree that that effort should be given equal. No more, no less.

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