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In Focus: Why Ella Cruz is the Luckiest BLINK Ever

In Focus: Why Ella Cruz is the Luckiest BLINK Ever


We all know that BLACKPINK has taken over the world by storm that even huge celebrities adore them, especially here in the Philippines, where most local celebs are loud and proud BLINKs. One of the most popular BLACKPINK fans locally is Ella Cruz, who has been a BLINK since their debut in 2016. 

But the fandom started noticing Ella's genuine love for the girls in 2017 when she was at several of the group's promotional events in South Korea. After then, BLINKs started appreciating all the things she does for BLACKPINK like sharing their new songs on her social media accounts and inviting her followers to vote for BLACKPINK whenever they're nominated for awards. With everything that Ella does for the love of the girls, here's a rundown of the fangirl blessings she's getting that not every BLINK is lucky enough to receive! 

1. She has a huge BLACKPINK collection.

Since Ella has been a long-time K-pop fan, she has amassed a tremendous collection of her favorite groups' official merchandise, including BLACKPINK. From their mini albums, lightstick, and even a BLACKPINK towel—Ella's got it all! That's why most BLINKs are waiting for her to release a BLACKPINK collection video on her YouTube channel!

2. She met BLACKPINK and shook hands with them.

When Ella traveled to South Korea, the first thing she decided to do was go to BLACKPINK's pop-up store event, where various BLACKPINK merchandise and content were on display. While this is already something that any BLINK would enjoy, the universe has something better planned for her because she was lucky enough to win a coupon to attend BLACKPINK's Ice Cream event, where she was able to meet BLACKPINK in person and shake hands with them!  

3. She got a BLACKPINK phone for her birthday. 

Ella Cruz has always been vocal about her love for BLACKPINK, that's why everything that they endorse, she wants them! But of course, just like any fangirl, there are also times when she thinks twice before buying any merch because of how expensive they are. One of the most valuable merchandise that BLACKPINK had is the Samsung collaboration, where they had a BLACKPINK-themed Galaxy phone, buds, and watch. While Ella decided to not buy one since she already has a phone, her family surprised her with it on her birthday! 

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4. She got a chance to perform in front of BLACKPINK.

Not everyone is blessed enough to perform in front of their favorite celebrity, so the fact that Ella and NewGen members Daphyny and Eunice were able to join Samsung Indonesia's BLACKPINK dance cover contest, perform in front of BLACKPINK, and win proves that she's the luckiest BLINK! With their expert moves and fierce gazes, we get why BLACKPINK loved their performance. Just look at how Lisa reacted at one of their steps—it's priceless! 

5. She took a picture with them.

After Ella and her crew were awarded as the best dance cover during BLACKPINK's Samsung Indonesia event, the winners stood side by side with BLACKPINK and took pictures with them! Although Ella wasn't able to take a selfie with the group since they're not allowed to do so, she's still the luckiest fangirl who got a chance to stand beside Rosé in the picture! 

We do believe that one of the things that makes Ella the luckiest BLINK is the fact that even if she's a celebrity, she's not afraid to show her fans that she's a fangirl like them, too. She's just like us, who wants to be noticed by their idol, which is why the BLINK fandom also adores her. We're sure that Ella's BLINK moments are far from over, especially because BLACKPINK is going to have a comeback soon, so we're excited to see what's next for this lucky BLINK! 

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