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In Focus: Why BTS' Jin Is The Actor We Deserve To See In A Drama

In Focus: Why BTS' Jin Is The Actor We Deserve To See In A Drama


BTS' Jin never ever fails in getting into our cores with his beautifully comforting silver voice, but, to be honest, ARMYs need to see him make his debut as an actor because that's what he deserves. And if we're not being delusional, we might just believe that he's considering it, too! Recently, he said he wants to "collaborate" with Hollywood star Brad Pitt. And, now, we're going through it.

Calling the attention of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang PDnim, and other drama producers, don't you think it's high time that he take a leap to another direction? V did it, so we see no reason why Seokjin can't, considering all these reasons:

He's an acting major. Before BTS happened, Kim Seokjin was originally attending an acting school and even went there with South Korean actor and star of series Welcome to Waikiki, Lee Yi Kyung.

He's got the looks. In fact, he was invited to audition for Big Hit after being scouted outside his university for his, you know, god-tier visuals. It's just Jin being the Worldwide Handsome, you know.

He makes great facial expressions. Don't try to challenge Jin when it comes to showing emotions because he does it perfectly just the same as when he's singing—real quick and always on point.

He can pull off any role. This we're very confident about. It takes a versatile person to be a singer despite having no background in it, and that's what Jin is. Comedic, lover boy, heartbreaker, spy, vampire, Korea's king—name it, we can already imagine him.

He can cry on cue. No one can beat Jin at making us laugh, but, just so you know, he's also someone who can let the tears fall on the spot if you ask him to. Remember that one time when he reenacted Kim So Hyun's emotional scene from My Love from the Star? Or if you play BTS World, you'll know.

We have receipts. In music videos, VTRs, in few Run BTS' skit episodes, and, again, in their mobile game BTS World, Jin has proven his artistry again and again. There's nothing else to discuss.

As far as we're concerned, every inch of Kim Seokjin screams that he's born to be an actor. Give him his rights, at least, when BTS' obviously hectic schedule allows. We don't want our man getting tired after all, we're already blessed to have him and the rest of the boys in our lives.

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