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In Focus: Why You Should Have A Linkedin Profile As A College Student

In Focus: Why You Should Have A Linkedin Profile As A College Student


With all your school achievements and skillsets, you might have what it takes to have an appealing resume, but that doesn't guarantee you a job during your first attempt at applying. However, there's one thing that you can do to increase your chances of being perceived well in the competitive world of professionals.

You've probably heard of LinkedIn, a professional platform that we highly recommend you should start getting into while you're still in school. Establishing a profile as early as now readies you to sell yourself out in the real world. How, you may ask? We've got all the reason below!

1. A LinkedIn profile is like an in-depth resume online.

While we usually send out one-page resumes to companies, there's still a lot of information about you that you can further pique the interest of future employers. When we say additional information, we mean achievements you got that you didn't put in your resume or descriptions of your tasks at your internship. Just put your LinkedIn profile on your resume or business cards, and companies will now have a chance to have a more in-depth look at your qualifications and skills!

2. You can start building connections.

You don't have to wait for graduation to start building connections because this is something that you can already do while you're still in college. By starting a LinkedIn profile as early as now, you're giving yourself a chance to gain insights about companies and connect with people that could help you instantly get a job once you graduate. When you've created a profile, LinkedIn will let you find people from your contact list or employees from the companies you're following. Just go to "My Network" and click the Connect button to find out more about your network. 

3. Looking for a suitable career for you becomes easier.

As much as we hope that you already know what job you want to take on when you graduate, there's still a lot of related job options to choose from that you might not know about. Write down your experience (even if it's just an internship or a project with your student council) and skillsets, then add Job Preferences to let LinkedIn know what kind of work you're open to. Afterwards, click LinkedIn's "Job" section to see the available positions. Once you've done all these steps, then, voila, you'll have easier access to opportunities related to your chosen field!

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4. You can create a professional presence online.

When you apply in a company, whether it's for an internship or a job, employers usually do an internet search for you. If the only thing that they see are your social media pages, then it may not impress them much. Having a LinkedIn profile helps because you can show an entirely professional side of you as a student and show them the information you want them to see without all the memes you share on your Facebook timeline!

5. You can have a stronger campus network.

Aside from having an advantage in the real world in terms of connecting with potential employers, you can also use LinkedIn as a way to connect with your professors and schoolmates. Who knows, they might help you get a  professional headstart, too! You can also find alumni from your school who are now immersed in the industry that you want to be part of and can possibly help you to enter your dream companies!

If you haven't thought of creating this kind of presence online, then it's about time that you brush up on your presentation and networking skills! If you prepare as early as now, you can poistion yourself way ahead of your peers when it comes to landing your dream job!

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