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In Focus: Why You Should Still Believe in True Love After Your #OTP Has Broken Up

In Focus: Why You Should Still Believe in True Love After Your #OTP Has Broken Up


Admit it or not, we've idealized celebrity couples to the point that when they break up, it doesn't only shatter our hearts, but it also makes us believe that there's no such thing as true love anymore. Sometimes, we even formulate all these conclusions in our heads as to why their relationship didn't work out and try to solve it for them as if that would help. 

We live in this fantasy that, if our favorite OTPs can make it work, then we can, too. We forget that these celebrities are also figuring out how to make their relationship last long like us because love isn't always enough. If you're currently going through heartbreak because your favorite couple has broken up, here are the reasons why you should still believe true love that exists.

1. You're only idealizing their relationship.

Watching how an on-screen pair's love story unfold before our very eyes can be entertaining, and without a doubt, it makes us kilig, too! But idealizing their relationship, and expecting it to define what love should look like isn't healthy. Even if you follow and support everything that your favorite celebrity couple does, you don't know what happens behind the camera. On the surface, they might look like the sweetest couple you've ever seen, but behind closed doors, they might be going through things that you can't even fathom. 

2. Their relationship is a lot more like yours than you think.

Celebrities are no exception when it comes to the things that most relationships experience like misunderstandings and losing attraction for one another, so if your favorite OTP has decided to break things off, it's most likely because they don't see any reason to continue anymore. And you shouldn't be mad at them (or love in general) because of it.

3. There are no perfect relationships.

Most celebrity couples pretend that everything's okay with their relationship because of shippers who are pressuring them to appear "perfect" in their eyes. Well, you have to understand that even the most ideal celebrity couples also go through relationship problems, too. When we start understanding that there's no such thing as a perfect relationship, that's the moment we stop fantasizing over our OTP. You might be surprised at how normal they are just like you. 

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4. The love that they had is true love. 

As much as it's devastating to know that they're not in love anymore, it doesn't mean that it wasn't true love. Although true love can't be easily defined, we know that it's the feeling that takes time to bloom. If these celebrity couples became better individuals because of the relationship, it's enough to say that it's true love even if it ended. This is proof that you shouldn't lose faith in romance even after your OTP's breakup.

5. They're still searching for the one just like you.

We're one hundred percent sure that even if your favorite OTP has broken up, they still believe that they'll find the one for them, so why would you stop looking for yours now? You may be mourning them as a couple, but we hope that you celebrate them as individuals because they're on their way to finding their truest selves and perhaps their new soulmate. 

Celebrity couples warm our hearts, but forcing them to say in their relationship for our satisfaction even if it's not working out for them anymore is wrong. We're allowed to adore their relationships, but we have no right to stop them from doing the things that they think is right for both of them. Just because it didn't work out for them, it doesn't mean it won't work out for you, so don't let their breakup ruin love for you. 

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