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In Focus: These Real Filipinas Bravely Stood Up Against Hair Shaming

In Focus: These Real Filipinas Bravely Stood Up Against Hair Shaming

Going through TV commercials and movies, or browsing through the feed of social media influencers, it seems that the Filipina standard of "beautiful hair" is long and straight locks. And that anything other than that is subject to judgment. Bold colored hair, for example, could mean "rebellious," a pixie cut could exude “tomboyish,” and curly tresses could translate to "unruly." Furthermore, there follows a lot of conformities set by society about hair. For example, that moms should go for a more conservative, age-appropriate hairstyle; or that girls shouldn’t dye their hair blonde because it would make them look “cheap;” or that curvy ladies should only go for straight hair to complement their shape. The list goes on. Really, 2020 na, anuna?

At some point, every woman has fallen victim to these unsolicited opinions. To put a stop to this hair shaming, Dove challenged real women from all over the country to break free from stereotypes—to push back against society’s beauty ideals about hair. Dubbing their campaign “My Hair, My Say,” the brand released a video featuring modern-day Filipinas all confidently rocking their gorgeous, out-of-the-ordinary hairstyles!

In the video, these self-assured Dove girls conveyed one strong message: Other people’s opinions about your hair—its length, its color, its texture, whatsoever—should never hold you back. Instead, use your uniquely styled tresses to show the world your most authentic, beautiful self. Because as long as you’re being true to yourself, nothing else matters. After all, it’s your hair, it’s YOUR say.

For more on Dove’s campaign, check out their Facebook page.

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