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Year-ender Special: People of the Year 2015

Year-ender Special: People of the Year 2015

It’s so easy to make the news these days. But who made it for the right reasons? Whose story brought you to tears or which personality gave you a dose of inspiration? Let’s take a look back and read about them here.


Maja Salvador

She fell in love, and fell hard. As if that wasn’t enough of an experience, she fell for her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, Gerald Anderson. They eventually broke up; there were regrets, and then there weren’t. Albeit cut short, it was love. Who could regret such a thing?

When one relationship ended, she tried to rebuild another… her friendship with Kim Chiu. It sure felt like a teleserye plot only this happened in real life. Maja inspires us to be brave in love, and then braver in friendship.


Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Politics is some serious business but Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago managed to make us laugh boisterously. She crossed over to the lighter side and published not one but two books on her infamous pick-up lines, inspiring us all not to take some matters seriously because hey, we all can use a laugh from time to time.

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Heart Evangelista-Escudero

She was the sheltered kid, then she was the runaway daughter. Years passed and after so many publicized fights with her parents for her choice of men and relationships, 2015 had finally become the year for them to put it all to rest.

She married Senator Chiz Escudero and it was only a matter of time until her parents accepted it and made up. Heart inspires us to stand by our decisions and hope for the best after.

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Team Kramer

If there are #relationshipgoals, then Team Kramer is definitely our #familygoals. No, they’re nowhere near perfect and no, we absolutely don’t have to keep up with them. They just are, a normal family with all the other normal things that come with it—kids throwing tantrums over wine, learning school lessons, a couple working on their marriage—yes, pretty normal, we say.

Team Kramer simply inspire us to be a better member of family, whether you’re the parent or the kid. They also showed us that having a family is much like having your own team, and everyone plays a part. Make sure you’re playing yours well.

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Ryan Rems

It’s hard not to think of music icon Pepe Smith when we think about Ryan Rems for their popular lines, “Alright” and “Rak ‘en rol to the world”. Not that it’s a bad thing. Clearly, we need more rock and roll topped with laughter in our lives, the very thing Ryan brings to the table. He just inspires us to make people happy, even when at times, we aren’t.

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Judy Ann Santos

With her third baby on the way, one can only wonder: how does she do it? Judy Ann Santos is one unstoppable mother who inspires us to either accept our children for whatever personality they may have, or to appreciate our mothers more who do just that for us.

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Claudine Barretto

Probably one of the best comeback stories of the year, Claudine Barretto made it to the silver screen again for the movie Etiquette for Mistresses. Despite the challenging years and countless controversies that surrounded her over the years, Claudine inspires us that with determination and prayers, we can pick ourselves up and begin again.

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Angel Locsin

It took her nearly two years to prepare for a much-anticipated movie role, Darna. And it only probably took her a few minutes to receive the news she couldn’t do it anymore for health reasons. Although we can imagine how broken that must have felt inside, we saw Angel out in an interview with Boy Abunda speaking bravely about such heartbreak.

Angel inspires us to be honest in all our dealings, to be honest with ourselves even, because that is the first step to acceptance.

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Angelica Jane Yap

Some people might have thought it was a case of 15 minutes of fame but it proved otherwise for Angelica Jane Yap. From an ordinary girl whose failed relationship with her then boyfriend prompted her to put up a video that went viral, Angelica has now become a Viva contract talent despite a mixed reception from the people.

Recently, her strength was once again tested when her mother was killed which up to now has yet to be resolved. Nonetheless, Angelica is a woman of strength and she’s shown the world just that even when she doesn’t need to.

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Whether it’s the La Presa days from their Forevermore series or them as a budding reel and real-life couple, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil just match effortlessly well. They certainly inspire with their support for each other to become better, evident in a public apology Enrique issued after having been involved in a controversy late this year.



The romantic duo has gained a strong and passionate following over the years. And while at times controversies and comparisons follow their loveteam, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla show us that there's no place for animosity in the industry. 

Kathryn, in an interview, even expressed her desire to be closer to the other love teams. 



James Reid and Nadine Lustre were two people that had the ability to slowly make their way into our hearts, and they did. Much like falling in love, the way they hooked us in, was unexpected. It was raw and innocent and honest. No pretensions, they come as they are, take them or leave them.

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We’ve seen it all before. There’s Big Brother, his house, the housemates, and the housemates falling in love. Only we haven’t seen it like how we do now with Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida. Add to the picture Miho’s lovable daughter, Aimee.

Real talk, it isn’t the most traditional neither it is the ideal set up, people would say. But Tommy and Miho inspire us to drop the cynicism, because who needs that when you’ve got real, mad love for each other?


Pia Wurtzbach

Confidently beautiful. Miss Universe 2015. Do we really need to say more?

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