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In Focus: How to be a Responsible Fangirl While You're Still in School

In Focus: How to be a Responsible Fangirl While You're Still in School


Fangirling can do you numerous good things. You have someone to look up to that can inspire you, and you also have a group of people (A.K.A. a fandom) to share the same passion with that can give you that feeling of belongingness that you've always needed. It positively impacts life, sure, but not when you're doing it wrong.

If you're investing too much of yourself to the system without realizing that you've already neglected the things that actually matter, too, namely, your studies, then you probably need to be more cautious. And that's not something to be underestimated. If you feel like you have this kind of tendency, we're giving you some tips on how you can fangirl responsibly:

Don't spend all your allowance on merch.

We know too well that some students are skipping lunch to make sure they save money for concert tickets, lightsticks, albums, and such. Don't be one of them. It's fine to alot a sum of your weekly allowance on merch, but make sure you watch your health and other needs. That's definitely what your idol will also tell you if they have the chance.

Manage your time wisely.

You can watch their newly-uploaded contents on YouTube, sure, but you've got to learn when to stop. Take note that you still have some studying to do, an exam to review for, readings to finish, or and reports to submit. Find time for everything, and know your priorities. And don't forget: Fangirling can wait, your road to graduation cannot.

Have a life outside the fandom.

Never let the system take over your life. There's no growth in just attending the class and going straight home to do your fangirl things. We get it, it's really fun and stress-relieving. But you're only in college once, so don't take it for granted. Join school orgs, meet people, and be open to learning new things. This is a good start to living a balanced life.

Avoid online wars.

We've seen these many times. We're all guilty of having strong opinions and putting them out to the world via social media. Sometimes, we get overprotective to our idols to the point that we start or join fandom wars. Here's a piece of advice: do not engage. Instead, be your cautious and sensible self. And again: Focus. On. Your. Faves. And. Your. Studies.


Yep, no kidding. You need a break. Set aside time to let go not only of the books but also of your phone, or whatever mode of fangirling you use. Sometimes, we get so busy streaming and spazzing that we overlook the necessity to sleep. Don't confuse fangirling with resting. Think about it, you need energy to study, too!

You can't always be the stan here, stan there kind of person. Trust us, being a productive student while being a responsible fangirl will make your ultimate groups and biases proud. Let's do it right from now on, okay?

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